Monday, November 15, 2010

Harvest Monday - 11/15/10

Linking in with Daphne for Harvest Monday!!! Head on over and check it out people are still harvesting and lots of people are using there summer harvests!
Apparently I fell down on the job a little this weekend. I'm missing 2 harvests. Nothing major though. Here is what I did take pictures of, including my first pea of the year. Last year my peas petered out long before I could harvest. So far I am standing at a whopping 21 peas. WHOOT - go me. HAHAH!
Poblanos, lemon hot peppers, snow peas, and snap beans in the first - the first miracle pea of the season in the second picture. 

I also harvested the last of the black beans. (Not shown) I pulled those plants as I harvested. Some of the older grean beans (trofeo and contender) were pulled. They are only giving these teeny tiny beans -nothing was growing any more than 2 inches or so. They were put out of their misery accordingly. I figure after 2 weeks if the pods dont grow the plant is too far gone to produce further. The blank area you see in the bed is where the plants stood. I did replant only 1 small patch of cut and come again lettuce you can see there. This bed is destined to be raised another 4 inches by the end of the year.
I'm still getting okra in just fine, but they did get cut back quite drastically this weekend as well. The harvest will be much smaller now. I've actually stopped blanching and freezing it out of sheer laziness so hopefully this will allow me to eat it fresh as it comes in.

I raised one of the beds this weekend. The main garden consists of 6 beds, and it was the smallest of the ones to be raised. Chances are I wont be able to complete the second bed this week - but I'm hopeful. It's always so much easier to break these large tasks into smaller sections to be completed. It keeps the whole operation running smoothly and it doesn't seem so much like the back breaking work that it can be.

I wont see you next Monday - I'll be on a short hiatus. But, I'll be back-  I guarantee!

'Till next time!



  1. I haven't had a good pea harvest either!

  2. I envy your beautiful wheather that permits such lovely harvests at this time of the year! Here in Sweden, it is bitterly cold and nothing left to harvest in the garden. Luckily I took a lot of photos during summer;)
    Take care,

  3. If you're headded out, drive safely.
    I've gotten my first good pea harvest this year and I couldn't be happier!

  4. I can't believe you are still harvesting okra. Ours bit the dust weeks ago. Nice peas!

  5. I hope your hiatus is a fun one. Nice harvest, I can't believe you're still harvesting okra, even in Florida!

  6. Congrats on the first pea. I hope you get a lot more. 21 is not enough for a meal, but certainly enough to pop into your mouth.

  7. It seems that it was a bad year for snow peas. I didn't get any from a 28 foot row. They barely germinated, and after weeks of only being 2 inches high, I tilled them under. Maybe next year I'll try again.

    I hope the kids are helping you in the garden. It's important for them to learn gardening, and setting the example is the best thing to do.

  8. What a neat blog you have. I love anything to do with fresh vegetables and fruit. Looking forward to many more visits. please stop by and visit me in New England and perhaps follow if you would like.