Monday, November 29, 2010

Harvest Monday 11.22.10

A wee bit late- actually a week  but I figure I'd put it here for posterity sake. I know next year I'll be thinking oh, what was it I harvested this month last year - and here it will be. :-)

Excuse the pics, and the lateness. I didn't really harvest much at all. I took a large amount of beans and other plants out over last weekend so it's a light harvest. A handful of green beans and a handful of snow peas is about it.
Oh yeah - and LIMAS! YUMMO!

Certainly leaves a bit to be desired but this is November after all. 

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  1. Every little bit of a harvest is great this time of year! I harvested a couple of scallions and some parsley for cooking this past week and forgot to take pictures! So, no Harvest Monday for me this week.