Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Kinda funny....

Remember the snow peas form this weeks harvest? I made a small stir fry with some beef and broccoli (from freezer stash) and those peas were a great addition. But, what I forgot to tell you is that apparently I managed to plant a PEA like garden peas, non-edible pods.... in with the snow peas. Imagine my surprise while eating and suddenly realizing that I'm still chewing and nothing is happening to the pod in my mouth.... yeah. looking back it was funny but before I realized what happened I was thoroughly confused. It wasn't an over sized pod because maybe if the Snow pea had been left growing when I was on vacation it could have toughened up, right? It had more peas inside of it then my snow peas are known for and that is what has led me to believe that. That and the fact that my little bits helped me plant that area. LOL. They ARE known to plant additional seeds or to play with the seeds before I can get them into the ground.

Ah, well I'll have to remember that next stir fry. ;-)

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