Thursday, November 18, 2010


What?! You thought I left already, didn't you? Guess again! I am leaving soon though. I must be tortured for yet another business day.
But today the coconut telegraph is wired - the bird is the word, man! Word is coming down that our property is holding an impressively large herd this year. Top that with a record number of piglets born to the wild sows and you got - well you got 5 people REALLY excited about putting in a alot of work and a lot of long hours in the stands.

Last year this large record holding old old buck was living with the herd on our land:
Yes, that IS a record holding buck - we are talking ALABAMA here - not Kansas, sheesh!
Anywho - Some unknwon (not local land owning) hunter (read:TOURIST) took my buck. He was dubbed 50 cent - you know 'cuz it's a picture of only 1/2 a buck... *snicker* yeah well dry as it may be it's MY sense of humor. Check out that gnarly notch out of his ear. kewl... I'm really hopin' and a prayin' that this bucks obviously wonderful genes now live in the new years generation. I'm anxious to see this seasons yearlings to see if any of them have picked up the traits he carried. He was massively muscled, extremely fit and we could use a few racks like that around our place. Are we hunters? To a degree but when it comes to deer we are herd managers. We pick and choose very carefully what till stay and what will be taken. Barren 2 and 3 year old does must go to make way for the furtile.

It's hard to sit at work knowing full well that there is so much to be done.

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  1. All I can say is, Oh Deer! You're just passing the buck! Sorry. Just had to.

    He would do some serious damage to your garden!