Friday, November 12, 2010

Green Machine

Well today should be interesting. This is what today will bring:


Oddly enough I'm all kinds of excited about it. It will make it easier for a lot of chores that need done. It has a towing capacity of 1100 pounds so to tow bush hog will be easier to use, plus the little trailer we have will make is super easy to haul the hog food out to the back of the property. No more having to have a second person ride in the back to keep things stacked up and hanging on. LOL. Most of all - it is MINE all mine. No financing, no bank to answer to, no asking to borrow someone elses UTV to get things done. WHOOT! Now ask me if I still feel this way next week after hauling it 8 hours up to the property in Alabama. heheh. Oh there is another perk. No TV, no internet, no phone service so this really will be a TOY there! Something to do, fun to be had. Service vehicle yes but  toy for sure!

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