Monday, November 8, 2010

Harvest Monday! 11/8/10

Guess what today is? It's HARVEST MONDAY!!!! (This akin to none other than PIGS IN SPACE!!!!) 

Anywho.....This week brought plenty but the weather has changed dramatically. We've had record low temps all week and some areas near us got frost. My bell peppers got hit really hard and the last of those peppers shriveled before they could be saved. :-( Some of the beans have also commited suicide. It looks like only a couple more weeks before things dwindle down. I left the tabasco peppers on the plant this week. I didn't want to deal with finding them a home or finding a way to use them. Maybe it will encourage the plant to quit producing quite so many peppers!? I hope anyway. I love the little peppers but they are too hot to use in any large quantities. Heck 6 little drops of my homemade sauce is enough for a whole batch of salsa! LOL. The lemon peppers and such are more my speed. Their heat is more like a small Jalepeno.

LOOK! New for the week - a SNOW PEA! Well total of about 6 but this one actually made it inside to have it's picture taken for you. :-)

Also new to the table this week are my black beans. They had a really rough start this season. The cut worms destroyed about 80 plants. Left me with only a dozen. I'm pulling 5-10 beans each trip out to the garden so in a week I'll have enough to have a meal for all five of us. LOL
The Okra and lemons, beans and radishes continue to dribble in.
My trunk is currently stuffed with 10 bags of humus. The garden is due to be raised and lack of a pick'emup truck leaves me wishing for one. We've always had one until the twinkers came along. Too hard to fit a teenager and two little in the back seat when I can't pick them up to put them in. Now that they are older we are considering our options. Instead of a new sedan being our next vehicle (to cut down on commuting costs and footprint) it may be a big ole truck like we're accustomed to. Then after it's paid off we'll get the Eco-friendly smaller sedan. Besides that will be right about the time Troy will be driving. Perfect excuse to hand over the keys to our 1997 car that we can only use when we have 2 or fewer children with us. LOL.
So, the coming weekend will bring us a fancy smancy wedding to attend and a full days worth of work in the garden. We'll also be packin gup for a long trip. More on that later of course, but suffice to say we are looking to fill the freezer for the year! ;-)

OHOH! And before I forget linking into Daphne's our wonderful hostess for Harvest Monday - come on over and join the fun. See what others are harvesting or how they are using their havests!

'Till next time!



  1. Too bad you weren't able to save some of your veggies before the frost hit. I take it you are in a warm zone. Your harvest looks good to me :)

  2. The harvest looks very nice! How much okra do you plant? I've never grown it, but I've heard that it is quite a large plant. I'm thinking about it for next year. I'm in Zone 8a (Virginia) and I always have something growing year round.

    Hopefully, your kids are paying attention to your gardening efforts. Even if they don't say it, you've planted the seed of vegetable gardening in their heads, so maybe when they grow up, they'll want to garden as well as you do. That's how it worked for me. I watched my Mom and Grandmother work the garden. Learning by example.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Your lemon peppers sound better than the ones I grew several years ago. They were hotter than jalapeno! Beautiful black beans - too bad the cut worms got so many!

  4. Oh so sad that the cutworms got most of the black beans. I hope you do get at least one meal out of the rest. And yay for the first snowpeas.

  5. wonderful harvest - that is a lot of hummus!