Monday, November 1, 2010

Harvest Monday! 11/1/10

Oh My Goodness. This year is not just flying by it's like - supersonic! We took a look at the family calendar yesterday and can I tell you that there is not one week wtihout some type of appointment for one of us, and not one single weekend when there isn't SOMETHING planned. Most weekends both days are planned. It means I'm out in the garden less right now. THat is good and bad in it's own ways. Less obsessing over the spots that need filled, the work that can't be done until the first frost and More enjoying of the harvest and harder work when I do get out there.

Here's my harvest for the week! THanks to Daphne for hosting Harvest Mondays - get over there and check out all the harvest from all over!

This is my harvest on Halloween! THe pumpkin vine died completely. I left the pumpkin for 1 additional day and then took my baby in and cleaned up the yard. It was actually harvested on 10/30 rather than 10/31 but that was my girls birthday party day so I was glad to get the dead vines out of the playground and reclaim the space. It also meant that it held over for it's picture with the 10/31 harvest. :-D It did at least start turning orange and will make a nice decoration for a few weeks before I cut it open to see if all that effort trying to keep it alive was worth it.
A couple people have asked what type of pumpkin it is and I'm going to tell you! Yes I am! Its....Iduuno. THAT's RIGHT! Iduuno! This pumpkin either hitched a ride in with my Jarrahdales. pie pumpkins or wtih my Jack O lanterns! It has characteristics of none of them. Definately without a doubt not even related to a Jarrahdale, possibly a crossed Jack O Lantern or Pie but certainly not what I thought I'd planted. Oddly enough I don't even care. Much like the 'determinate' tomato that is towering well over 6' and still growing as long as it gives me something - it's all good!

So adding to the harvest this week- Lemon hot peppers, Jalepenos, a sickly tiny butternut squash(the only one!) some black beans and not pictured yet again the lemons and limes used right off the tree.

I'm more than thrilled with this weeks harvest. The beans are delectable and the family is requesting more and more. The garden I am happy to report is glad to oblige. ;-)

'Till next time


  1. Nice harvest, Barbie! I'm curious about your pumpkin, you may have a new variety there!


  2. I get some strange veggies that sprout from the compost that I dig into the garden. There was one weird squash that grew through the winter and unfortunately I didn't get to see any mature because of the gophers. Aren't home grown green beans the best? They're so much sweeter than anything you can buy.

  3. it is a lovely November harvest Barbie!


  4. It's always interesting to see what will plant itself around the garden. Last year I had "The Little Shop of Horrors" squash growing out by the compost bin. The squash looked like a very large sweet dumpling squash.

  5. I had a pumpkin last year that was quite a bit green like that and it ripened and made a great pie! Isn't it satisfying to get it to that point though! I don't know about you but it is a real battle fighting those squash pests...and little fingers that like to pick prematurely! ;)

  6. Fun harvest this week! The "I dunno" pumpkin looks like an interesting cross - should be fun to see what it tastes like.

  7. I always get a kick out of the weird veggies that sometimes grow. They are either crossed or some sport. Sometimes you just don't know what you will get.

  8. Beans and pumpkin, sounds like a great late October harvest!