Friday, October 22, 2010

So Excited!

I’m SO very excited!

This weekend starts it all for my family. This weekend is the official kickoff of our super busy season. The countdown to Christmas, birthdays galore….

This weekend it is officially game on! It will be spent tidying up, readying for company. Next weekend my girls will be a great big 4 years old and of course a party will take place. Then my birthday, Thanksgiving, my husband and I will celebrate 16 wonderful years together, Troy’s Birthday, My Dad’s birthday, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Hubby’s B-day, MLK Day….and then a rest until Valentine’s Day. SHEW!!!That is a big load of business! This weekend will be the last weekend that cleaning the house doesn’t include a mad rush and praying that someone doesn’t show up before we are through. LOL Not that most people aren’t busy this time of year. Almost anyone you ask is already planning out visits to friends and family. Parties and Soiree’s.  But for this family? This time of year is filled with more love than can be squeezed in any other time of year.

Right now it is a feeling of bliss – but rest assured that eventually I’ll be posting about my frazzled nerves and how I can’t keep up with it all. The money concerns creep up this time of year as well. With so many occasions to celebrate (and no better reasons I can think of to celebrate!) it’s no wonder that eventually the stress levels skyrocket. That is what is great about it all. Though it is stressful, right when you get to the brink, we all gather together and give hugs and kisses. We see faces that we don’t see often, and actually pay attention to faces we seem to take for granted.

So today I ran by to tell you just how excited I am. I feel as if my heart could bust from my chest and do the hokey pokey right here on my desk! That is a feeling I wish I could bottle, or even better yet to share. It is highly contagious. So, pardon me while I dance around my office and send beaming smiles in every person’s direction I see. I’ve got my own personal Christmas going on here.  J My present is the best of presents, it’s my family. <3

I hope your weekend will be one tenth as wonderful as mine is starting out.


‘Til next time.





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