Monday, October 25, 2010

Harvest Monday 10/25/10

Moring all! This weekend was - fast paced and absolutely beautiful. Here is my harvest for the week! Thanks Daphne for being such a gracious host for Harvest Mondays. Check out here blog HERE and see all the wonderful things people are bringing to the table all over! Daphne's beans look absolutely scrumptious!
This is how my week started. Disappointing to say the least. A few scraggly beans. deformed and small....but it rapidly changed up a bit!

Apparently the tabasco pepper plant has gone cowabunga again! There are STILL more peppers ready to harvest on that plant. Amazing!
Also completely wonderful are the 2 bell peppers and the tomatoes I'm getting! YEEHAW! I really thought this week would have been just a few okra and some of the tabascos. Boy did I think wrong. Pleasently so.  :-D

Unfortunately the cateloupe plants are completely and utterly dead now. I've left the 2 little one on the vine praying that somehow the vine though brown is giving something to them and they might be edible. It's doubtful. The pumpkin will be soon to follow. Still nursing along my one little punkin.

I'm looking forward to some awesome weather this week but hoping for a little rain. It's been far too dry here this whole month.

'Til next time!


  1. Wow that's a lot of hot peppers. What are you going to do with them all?

  2. Nice harvest, Barbie! We haven't had a drop of rain in over a month... So, I'm praying for rain as well.
    I've given up on my okra patch, since it was taking too long to harvest enough for a meal. I want to clear it and prepare the soil to plant a bunch of swiss chard.
    I hope your melons make it!


  3. ooooh, those are cute tabasco peppers! They must be very hot! I am loving the okra. Looks so nice.

  4. Pretty ...How great that you are still getting okra and so many peppers! Will you preserve them somehow?

  5. Ah - I will eat some, give some away, dry some, make some more tabasco sauce... and I think I may never need them again. At least not by spring. LOL :-D

  6. Those peppers look just wonderful. Soon you will have to open a stand in front of your house to sell tabasco sauce. Surely you can't eat all those you have harvested so far this year?