Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Not Alone, Am I?

Please tell me... Tell me that I'm not alone, or anything other than maybe midly crazy.

I am a gardener right to my core. As a child I would wander through Nanny's and GrandNanny's (my grandmother) garden pick ripe fruits and veggies and devour them then and there. I would watch her core, blanch, peel, can, cook you name it. It is a part of me like the bones that hold my weary skin up.

And yet. And yet I'm not familiar at all with some types of gardening. This year was the first year I grew any type of squash - ever. I learned a few valuable lessons from it. Things that will be implemented the next season that I am able to grow them again. This leads of course to research. I can scour the internet for hours on end looking for just one thing. Getting so much informatin crammed into my head that I have to shake it off, close the internet and try desperately to sort it all out.

Here is where I ask if I am alone in this? It not only pertains to this particular type of vegetable that I am new at growing but all vegetables. Any variety that I have not personally grown - or that I am growing at that very moment. I could sit for hours on end to find out more. Only typically this leaves me feeling somewhat MORE confused than when I started. Can I stop myself? Heck no! Just try to stop me. LOL- Obsessed most definately. A healthy obession, maybe. I hope. ;-)

So who out there is going to stand up and say it with me? Hmmmm?!

"Hi, I'm Barbie. I have a problem..."

'Til next time!



  1. There's a twelve step program for that.

    It's called the library. Actually, it really just enables instead of detracts from the behavior, you just don't feel as bad spending money on books.

  2. hehe- Ribbit the problem with that is I'd end up with horrendous fines. I wouldn't want to give the books back!