Monday, October 4, 2010

Harvest Monday! 10/4/10

It's that time again! Harvest Monday. Thanks Daphne for hosting Harvest Monday's. Link up so everyone can see what is ready for harvest where you live!
This weeks harvest is just that. Quite week. I didn't take many pictures. I'm missing a colander and a handful of okra that look just like the one posted. A handful of green beans and an extra large cucumber that tasted delightful! I was quite shocked. Hubby got ahold of it and had eaten half before I could even snap a picture. He's the cucumber guy. He loves all things cukey. :-) Found a beetle on my beans yesterday so that is not good. It could be in he that hurt my beans as a bad there is no JDC for those things. LOL. Anway... here you go!

Don't mind the puny radish. It was a test. It was H~O~T, too! Rich enjoyed it, and Troy complained that it was too small. LOL. It's a French Breakfast so I'm quite sure he'll have his fill sooner or later.
The okra is still hanging in there. Not doing well at all plant wise but still producing! The main plants have quit entirely and shed all their leaves. I'm going to cut the centers out so they can continue a few more weeks. The weather is much cooler and dryer and oddly enough they are the only thing in the garden not appreciative of that!
The tabascos are ready for a few weeks of big harvests again. I can't say enough about this 'little' plant. It's made it through the spring, ans summer and still producing more than we can eat. At 4' tall it's about maxed out in height, and everyone comments on it's beauty. It's been such an easy plant that I think next spring I will have to start 3 and put them in the front garden bed. All of my other peppers that pettered out over summer are just begining to fruit again. I got one baby bell that i accidently knocked off the plant this week, and there is one more on still. The jalepenos, serranos, hungarians, all of them are flowering beautifully, but the fruit is very slow to set.
I may or may not have my first pumpkin on. I know I've said that before a dozen times but so far it looks good. Time will tell. In 3 days I'll have something growing larger each day or something stunted. I'm trying to reroot near the pumpkin so I can cut back the main vine. It may be a disaster waiting to happen, and I may lose the one pumpkin that I manage to get set but i have to try. The plant is very diseased now. It's outrunning it, but if I cut back the leaf skelatons that are left it will leave the vine too vunerable to the sun, and pests. So this is my experiment I suppose. I'm going to tie some ribbons on the vine and trace it back trying to cut out only the other vines but I've done that before and cut the wrong one at the last minute. My spring crop suffered horribly for this. I nearly cried myself to sleep as I had 3 beautiful Jarrahdales that has sized up nicely on. I'll keep you all posted as to how this turns out. Not only to share the info, but for future reference for myself as well. I like being able to look back and see what worked and didn't.

'Til next time!



  1. Well, this is the timeliest post because I was just dreaming of possibly growing Jarrahndales next year, cause they are so beautiful... and I was wondering how they did in our heat/humidity. So, I'm not too sure about them now. I think I'll stick to my faithful calabaza squash.
    So, what type of cucumbers are those? My plants are looking puny and havent' given us a single cucumber, so I've been pulling them out. I'm leaving a couple that look a little better. I'm going to give lots of TLC and see what happens.


  2. Actually the Jarrahdale did really well, it was another pumpkin vine I was trying to cut out when I accidently broke the vine. It actually set 2 crops! The first had 2 pumpkins that I harvested and the second crop is the one I killed. :-( First crop 2 pumpkins 10& 12 pounds. 2nd crop I'll never know one was about 8 pound size and looking good.

  3. Cucumbers go fast in our household too. I was fortunate to get an abundant harvest of them this year despite our puny summer weather so I was able to keep my husband content AND get some into jars of pickles and dill relish as well. :D

  4. cute little radish! I'm growing some French Breakfast, too, but none are big enough to harvest yet. Even the green tops are small, as they are getting run down with aphid infestations.

  5. I'm a big cucumber lover too. Which is good because I got way too many this summer. Even for me. Good luck with your squash.