Monday, October 11, 2010

Harvest Monday 10/11/10

It's Harvest Monday!

Once again joining the fun over at Daphne's Dandelions where she host each and every Monday. Come on over and join in, too. Show us what you are harvesting, and how you are using it!
Here's my harvest: (par usual missing a cucumber or two)

I made Tabasco sauce this weekend. I actually made 12 oz of it - only kept 5 so I REALLY need to find a new use for this and some larger containers for storage! I could have filled one of those old vinegar jars with the metal air tight lids that catch. Here's that.... 

This week my garden has been ignored. Mostly. I mean I dreamed gardening dreams, and browsed catalogs and things but for the most part it did not get my attention. Far too many other things going on and with the mild weather I was able to step to the side for a few days. The funk from losing the majority of my plants is sliding past and I'm reinvigorated thinking of the chages this winter will bring and how much better my spring garden will be for it. Another 45' of garden will be added. More fruit trees as well. So I take the slump in stride and I am now ready to get back to work! :-D

Some of the beauty my garden is offering this week-

*sigh* Ah, yes - THIS is why I garden.

'Til next time!



  1. Ooohhh homemade tabasco sauce! A little lasts me a long while but what fun to make your own.

  2. That is an impressive amount of tabasco peppers!

  3. Hi Barbie, Is that beauty berry in your picture? Do you eat it? I've always left it out for the birds to eat.
    Your harvest looks nice, with lots of hot peppers, like ours.


  4. I love your okra, and those peppers look very nice too. My citrus are also looking like your now, full of green little balls promising delicious fruit come winter.

  5. That IS a lot of Tabasco sauce! 5 oz would last us a long time. Do you use Tabasco peppers for that or some other variety?

  6. Kitsap a small bottle would last me a year if it weren't for my oh so competitive boys!
    Thanks Ribbit & T2G!
    Mary- it is. I've heard of people making a jelly out of them, but so far I have never tried any. I'm very interested to try some before I go about making it!
    Angela - the limes are turning. We took one to cook with this weekend that was wonderful and the lemons are blushing. It will be time for them SOON~!
    Villager- Yes, those are tabasco peppers in my harvest. I was fully 2 cups worth, and about 25% of my crop for this year. The rest have been dried or eaten fresh. The single plant is STILL loaded with peppers as well! I'm very impressed by it.

  7. oh Mary! I got your seeds, thanks! I love sunflowers, These will certainly tower over my girls sunspots next year. :-D

  8. I'd love to make my own Tabasco sauce or some equivalent type of hot sauce. I'd never even thought of growing them.