Thursday, October 21, 2010

Been meaning to see!

I need to see some examples of other’s watering capabilities. I’m not always up to snuff for pulling the entire hose out and around the yard to water everything. I have automatic sprinklers for the lawn I can hook into. I may have to downsize those heads to keep the lawn from drowning but I need another – a better way to water my garden.

Currently the main garden is getting watered via the lawn sprinklers which are LARGE and not very efficient for the type of watering I need for my garden. It does OK. I still have to supplement the watering here and there but I’m willing to bet my plants would do better with a longer, slower watering and at a more regular interval.

So, be a dear and show me yours. Put it on your blog, link in my comments ANYTHING. I need some good ideas, and I need to sort it all out before I put the new raised beds in along the fence. Now, I’m off to search the internet – once again!


Oh- that leaves another question. I’m really not sure how much direct sun that area will have come spring. That is a little concerning but I’m sure I can find something that will do okay. Besides best way to find out is to get some plants in there! ;-)


‘Til next time!






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