Monday, October 4, 2010

for Mary.....

punk punksvines


  1. They look great! Wow, I'm impressed. I think I will grow these next year. When did you plant them? They will be so pretty around the house come Thanksgiving. I still have calabaza squash and Cinderella pumpkin decorating my house since we harvested in May-June! And they are good to eat too, especially the Calabaza. I won't be planting the Cinderellas for a while. They are really pretty, but they're stringy.

    Thanks for posting for me! I'm honored. :)


  2. Beautiful pumpkins! And the vines look so healthy.

  3. I planted in March (direct sow) and harvested in June. Should have waited until July but I was too impatient. I was really worried as my melons were being eaten left and right so I brought them in too early. Live and learn. I've never grown any kind of squash before this year.