Monday, October 18, 2010

Harvest Monday 10/18/10

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French Breakfast radishes, Key limes, okra, cucumbers, a few cherry tomatoes and just enough greenbeans for a family of 5 to have a side dish. HA! Most of them were small and somewhat deformed, but they were still yummy. Also eaten (and harvested this week 2 of the juiciest limes ever- DELISH!)

This week I'm not sure what happened. Did I forget to take pictures? Maybe one or two. Did I forget to harvest? Well - that has slowed to a creep. I only need to go out every other day. I'm quite positive i missed a mismash of deforemed cukes and deformed green beans, but that isn't much so here is this weeks goods:

TADAAA! See I told you I FINALLY got a pumpkin tot take! Of course the chances of it being anywhere near orange by Halloween- eh - not so much. At this point I'm just praying it makes it to harvestable at all! See the mildew/mold all over the leaves suddenly? ARGH- That crap took hold in my garden this week like you wouldn't believe! Cooler and dryer, maybe but without the extra warmth my vines need to stay ahead of it - well the worst is aout to happen. It's completely taken my Lakota squash, and my poor dilapedated canteloupe vines. I've left the two little melons on praying that the vine is still giving some sort of sustinance but there is little hope for them. It's also got a hold of my butternut squash vine. Thatplant has it the very least but probably most unfortunate is my cucumber plants and zuchinni are all dead now. It's too late to start new ones and you know what that means? Another lesson learned. Always - ALWAYS have plants ready to transplant. Better to not need them and have to figure out where to put them than to run out of cucumbers long before the weather is too cool for them. Now may garden is not so productive. I don't think that I'll see any more cukes or my first zuke. That is sad but I have taken a few little cherry tomatoes on the fly and the lettuce seedlings are doing well. I just wish there was more veggies that I like in the winter category. That would make losing the vines a lot easier on me. At least there is the promise of fresh brocoli soon. And after all even though MY plants didn't do well there are farmers markets everywhere that are heralding the fall season with loads and loads of winter squash. My absolutely favorite part of fall.

'Til next time!


  1. That pumpkin looks big enough that hopefully it will survive the powdery mildew on the leaves.

  2. Cukes and zukes...I like your lingo Barb :-) Impressive harvest too, well done it all looks very healthy!


    Fragrant and Tasty in Tyra’s Garden

  3. The powdery mildew is bad here in fall. It always gets my squash and cuke vines.

  4. Neat, what kind of pumpkin is that? I am also growing pumpkins for the first time this year, but mine is the french squash type. There are pictures on my blog if you want to see.

  5. I'm hoping your pumpkin makes it. I know what you mean about powdery mildew. It can really sweep right through the plot. This year it wasn't all that bad in the garden, but other years it has been amazingly vigorous. Even all the downed oak leaves sometimes are covered in it.

  6. Limes! How cool is that?!

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you that the pumpkin makes it to maturity.

  7. I was wondering what kind of p umpkin it was too. That's the great thing about home gardens, deformity is fine as long as they are edible!

  8. Wow. Your bounty is beautiful! And I LOVE your pumpkin! Who cares if it is orange in time. It is absolutely beautiful!

  9. I hope your pumpkin makes it. Powdery mildew can be tough. I did manage to harvest several cantaloupes after the mildew hit my vines.

    I tried to grow pumpkins and zucchini for the first time this year and lost all of plants to SVB and pickle worms. I think your idea of always having plants to transplant is a good idea.

  10. We had the same problem with powdery mildew - no cucumbers or zucchini for us this fall. I hope your pumpkin makes it!