Monday, August 8, 2011

Harvest Monday 8.8.11

Welcome back to the August addition of Harvest Monday!

This Monday we are featuring tomatillos....

 cucumbers and hot peppers, too.
Oh and a few more cowpeas/ricebeans.

Not much else this week. Tonight I have plans to pull out the original 2 tomatillo plants. So the last of that harvest for a while next week. I'll replant the corn and see about some of my fall seeds soon. My 'loupes are up and have their second leaves so hopefully by October I'll have a few of those around the house to savor.
Right now a pot of coffee is calling my name. I have a headache and it has a need for some caffeine.

Till next time!


  1. Yum, Watermelon! I think we got ours in too late and I'm not sure we'll get any this year.

  2. Now, if we could just combine our harvests we'd have something to brag about! I have no cukes or melons....yet.

  3. What a nice looking watermelon! I hope we get one, actually I hope we get more than one, but right now it only looks like one! Good stuff!

  4. I'm going to guess you're a bit further along season wise than us because your lovely harvest is exactly what I'm hoping for in a week or so :)

  5. That watermelon is beautiful! Is it a sugar baby? I hope ours do just as well this year.

  6. That watermelon looks delicious. We have a couple that we think are ready. It's so hard to tell...

  7. Watermelon! YUM! Thats what my first thought when I spotted yours. Beautiful watermelon.

  8. Oh look at that watermelon. It looks so lovely.