Monday, August 22, 2011

Harvest Monday 8.22.11

Make sure to stop by as we join in at Daphne's Dandelion's each week for Harvest Monday. She is a most gracious host and showcases harvests from all over the world!
As we near the end of August the cool weather veggies are sprouting and the hot weather ones are coming to an end.
This weeks harvest?
Dried beans (rice peas and Holstein) Hot peppers, Bell peppers and Lima beans.
Here is a closer look at the Holstein. Have I posted this before? Hmmm... sorry if I have but they are really beautiful beans.

Also this week a sweet potato. Oh yes only one. Go me. HA! It met it's destiny as Cinnamon sweet oven baked fries - YUMMO! Too bad that is my entire harvest. (plus a store bought one!) Guess we'll have to see about what happened next year.

But in abundance around town and in homes near my work (an hour+ South) are loads of mangoes... I absolutely ADORE these fruits and if I had the gall to beg for more I would. But I did get busy with the ones I was given...
a pineapple and mango upside down cake... and pineapple mango chutney for my fish - no picture cause it disappeared too quickly. Not to mention we had mango slices a few meals and after a week of mango I love them all the more!

*insert sappy love song here*

Let's say the cake didn't last long. Oh my. I need more.... I MUST HAVE MORE!!!! LOL.

The expansion of the garden is finally under way. It took long enough. I won't be ready to plant anything but the blue berry bushes until spring though. Going from grass to garden is a rough transition and I think I'll solarize for the winter.  I know patience isn't my strong suit but it would be best. Unless others have better (quicker) ideas.... :-D teehee... The frame is nearly complete but the grass still must be finished off and the dirt dressed and pressed and readied for the ball. We'll need to borrow a truck and trailer to get a few loads of compost. The inside width ended up at 28" and the outside is 35. I hope the weeds and grass stays back from between the fence, but I know better...I'll just have to formulate a plan I suppose. Hopefully next week I'll have some pictures of the initial lay out.

'Till next time! (and I hope I'll be tilling soon!)



  1. The Holstein beans are so beautiful! I tried dried beans (cocoa noir) last year but no luck. I plan on trying them again in the future.

    How did you know your sweet potato was ready for harvest? I have some but I don't know how to tell if they are ready. Everything I read online says right before the first frost. Well obviously that doesn't hold true here! I did notice yesterday that the leaves look like they're being munched on by something, so it just might be time to see what grew.

  2. Allison - Aren't they? I'm happy with them. They aren't quite as pretty as Yin/Yang but they are awfully cute!

    Kelly- apparently I didn't wait long enough so don't ask me. This was my first ever tater! I guess I didn't do right at all. Go figure. I will read more soon though. I just don't have the room for them for now so this was just tossed in with the rest of the garden.

  3. I know it was not your intention, but I think I have to go BUY some sweet potatoes now! Those fries look SO GOOD. The rest of the harvest does too!

  4. Those sweet potato fries look *great*. Did the bean get its name from the cow or vice versa? :)

  5. Those beans are beautiful. I love all the different varieties of dry beans.

    Boy those sweet potato fies and that cake are making me very very hungry! Yum! I guess that I better get going on starting dinner!

  6. The mango upside down cake looks wonderful. I can't eat that kind of thing anymore but I can still look!

  7. Very pretty beans! I like mangos too! I especially like them mixed with strawberries and kiwi and on top of ice cream in a baked tortilla bowl with cinnamon and sugar! Yum! Try it!

    Are you making raised beds or tradition garden addition?

  8. Very nice harvest, and man, that cake looks amazing! Unfortunately there are no abundant mangoes around here, and the ones in the grocery store are just not worth what they charge for them. Lucky you though!

  9. Oh I just love sweet potatoes! The fries look delicious! I'm going to check the garden and see if I have any ready!

  10. Ummm... those sweet potato fries look like they are to die for. Yum! The beans are really pretty too.

  11. I love the dried beans - I must grow some this year.... also I like the idea of attempting sweet potato although I think that might be stretching the climatic boundaries a wee bit. Did you grow it in the ground or a tub?

  12. I'm drooling over those sweet potatoes. We're still waiting to harvest ours.

  13. What you did with the mango and pineapple USD cake is what most people do with their wedding photo :P

    I'm sure you have a delicious obsession there ;)

    And the beans are cute!

  14. I love mangoes too. I only wish they grew up here. The ones from the store are such a pale comparison to a good mango.