Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A few No Shows...

On the tomato front that is. My baby mater plants now have their first set of true leaves and are looking good! But there were a few no shows. Stupice, Matina and Black were all no shows. I have 2 more seeds of each to try. If these are no shows then I'll chalk it up to 'not meant to be' and move on.
As I type a crazy storm is brewing and a weather alert is beeping on my screen. Yesterday we received 6 inches of rain. Today it isn't going to let up either they are forecasting another 2-4 at minimum. These storms are stronger but shouldn't last all day like yesterday. That's not good for the seedlings that are emerging. The sun is changing angle drastically already and my Pomegranate/Grape planter is not getting enough sun each day now. Production has slacked off of the spring and summer veggies so it is definitely time to start worrying about the changes for fall and winter.

Till next time!


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  1. Six inches of rain? Wow, we get that in an entire year!