Monday, August 29, 2011

Harvest Monday 8.29.11

Welcome back to Harvest Monday! I'm joining in at Daphne's once again to see what everyone is harvesting and how people are using their harvest all over the world. Be sure to stop by and check it out!

This weeks harvest again focuses on dry beans:
As well as a few hot peppers and lima beans.
I also managed to get a single Brazilian cherry. It was sweet, and juicy and.... all alone. The other 3 fell off the tree while still green. I wish my tree was bigger but for now it is a tiny little bush, and I'm almost positive the fallen fruit had something to do with a soccer ball and 2 rambunctious little boys. LOL. I didn't stop to take a picture as I popped that sucker into my mouth, but I did think to split it into thirds for each of the kids to taste. EVERYONE loved it. So now it is up to me to save this tree over the winter and protect it with blankets and Christmas lights. :-)
This week I also processed the last Lakota squash:

10 cups of beautiful sweet puree ready for pies, muffins and assorted fall baking goodies, and a cup and a half of seeds cleaned and ready to go! The seed cavity was relatively small, and this puree was without a doubt the least watery, while not the sweetest it was the least stringy of all the winter pumpkins I have ever grown. This squash will have a place in my garden from now on! Those seeds are big and meaty, too. Now I have more than enough to save, trade and eat! :-D

We are still getting rain daily so yesterday I ventured out to plant some Kurdora carrots. Between the heat and rain the only kind I thought might hold up. Thanks Dianne for the seeds! My broccoli is beginning to head up just as anticipated but it looks like tiny heads for me. I guess pushing boundaries heat wise will leave me wanting something. In this case perhaps size. But the fact that the plants are producing at all makes me happy. I'll keep you posted on flavor in the coming weeks.

The excessive rains killed back my cucumbers once again. I may have to start growing them indoors. As for 'Diva' I am completely unimpressed. 3 cucumbers on 2 vines does not a happy gardener make. So much for 'large fruit set' I'd rather take a paint brush to my picklers and get a better harvest. HUMPH! On to another trial for me. If only I had a sun room.

'Till next time!


  1. I love the pureed squash. What a great idea. Do you use special ingredients or just puree it and freeze? Great harvest. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Squash puree looks nice! Never heard of Lakota Squash before..

  3. I really don't know too much about winter squash as we don't normally eat it. I did however grow some Acorn squash this year. Muffins sound like great idea. Do you make soup with yours?

  4. Jody - just bake, and puree then it's ready just like canned pumpkin for any recipe.

    Allison- THanks.

    RG- BEAUTIFUL squash. Orange like a pumpkin with green accents. Slightly bell shaped.

    Thomas. It's dry like acorn, and somewhat sweet. I don't make soup but only because it's not soup weather often here. LOL. I'll use it up on sweets before the cool weather.

  5. Nice beans! I love to puree squash and pumpkin for the freezer! I like goodies too! I made zucchini pumpkin bread the other day and it was yummy!

  6. Good harvest this week. Isn't it nice to have the pumpkin and squash purees in the freezer for later use? I like to keep a couple of packages of pumpkin and squash on hand because often I don't want the whole pumpkin or squash - just a couple of cups of puree and having them in the freezer is very convenient.

  7. I had never heard of a Brazilian cherry until now. Have just googled it and need one to find an Australian supplier......

  8. Just drove in from my cabin no Harvest Monday for me: TOMORROW. I'm sure enjoying your Lakota squash didn't make it...only have butternut...not even a Delicata!

  9. I love all you're planning! I love all your pureed squash! Cheers!