Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Back to School

It's official. The kids are waking up early. But their excitement is a little much. 3am is NOT the time to get ready for school. Each taking turns. Well, the little ones. The nearly teenaged one doesn't care to wake up any early than he does but the girls are taking turns on who is excited in the middle of the night. Last night was Annah's turn to wake me at 3am and ask if she could go to school now. I tucked her back in, and again every 10 minutes until 4am just as I did her sister the night before. This wouldn't be nearly so bad if I didn't need to get up before 6am to get my own day going.
But they are cute. So excited I can't even get them both to look at the camera and smile at the same time. Guess I'll have to try again in a couple weeks once this is all just routine.
Ah, well. It's not perfection. But I assure you it's worse when I pick them up! I guess we should have given poor Annah's bangs longer to grow out. They fall out of her pony just as fast as I can pull them back. We switched to pigtails today. Trial and error. All I know is that down won't work either. Too messy and in her face for all day school. It would drive the teacher nuts. Drives me nuts after a few hours!

Lunches so far are coming along nicely. We prefer bento style. Lots of little bits of things. The same way they eat when they are home. Tiny nibbles of things, loads of variety. Here was lunch the first day. Don't get me wrong. I don't expect that I'll always be able to have time to bento but hopefully 3 days a week I will. The better variety allows a healthier diet and of course more nutrition and the kids are more likely to eat it when it's cute after all.

Carrots, cherries, grapes, cheese stick, PB&J some goldfish and a half a banana on the side.
This also makes it easy for me to use little bites of leftovers and when I get tiny harvests... currants anyone? Mulberries? Perfect!
Today's lunch is easy. I made Salsa verde with the tomatillos and onion so lunch centers around that....

Salsa verde, chips, cherries, carrots, cheese stick, animal crackers and applesauce.

I've decided to start packing the same bento for myself. I'm jealous of what they are eating and wish I had the same variety! I did think to bring the salsa verde for myself but I left the chips at home. Good thing it will last until tomorrow. I'll end up snacking on junk around the office and if I"m lucky I'll remember I've got soup and oatmeal in my drawer for moments like this. Boring but it will work.

On the garden front the second season of green bush beans were planted, and yellow wax will be new for me. I hope I like them. I didn't care for the fuzzies too much this spring on my green beans so thought I'd try something new. I only planted a few of each to start. I'll have to make room before I can plant much more. I was hoping to make seed tapes tonight, but the way my sleep has been interrupted this week I'm doubting that I'll have the momentum after the kids get in bed.

'Till next time!

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  1. Awww...both of them so adorable. Good idea with different variety with the bentou. I think I should do the same as well with my son lunchbox. Thank you so much for the crab recipe!