Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bento Tuesday

Trying to keep to the program here are the bentos for this past week:
Crasins, gummies, teddy grahams, and a yogurt snack bar went with a  milk container and Ham and cheese.

Cherries, ham roll ups, and goldfish make up the bottom and in the top I pack a string of cheese and carrots with a container of ranch.

This snack size container of carrots and a fresh cucumber from the garden with ranch went with PIZZA day at school! My kids don't actually care much for pizza, but like the crust and pepperoni. Go figure. This completes their meal.

This bento was all about dipping!
Sorry for the phone shot but in the butterfly cup is peanut butter for dipping with graham cracker animals and grapes on the other side. The white things are yogurt raisins. the bottom layer had Frito's and cheese in the shape of butterflies. My girls like dipping their Frito's in applesauce (pictured to the side) I'm on the lookout for the single serve (pudding cup size) screw top reusable containers so I can stop buying these individual packs but until I find them...thank goodness for Sam's club! The regular pop top ones won't work because they are just too young to make sure they are sealed correctly much less to keep them upright in their backpacks! ;-)

'Till next time!


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