Monday, August 15, 2011

Harvest Monday 8.15.11

Somehow Monday always manages to sneak up on me. It seems to roll around right after I scramble back into routine again.

Joining in at Daphne's Dandelions once again to celebrate the harvest and see what is being harvested all over!

This week as with most weeks this month the pickings are slim -but the peppers are abundant!

11oz of Hot peppers (looks like more, huh!?)

13 oz of red onion

9oz Bell peppers

I'm not counting the dried beans until I have something to count. I took in more than what you see here but it all amounted to a handful and that was just 1.5 oz. Hardly worth mentioning and not going in the tally yet.

I've lost my card reader somewhere... otherwise I would have some more pictures for you. Guess I'll have to get another one. I swear if my head wasn't attached I wouldn't have one. *sigh*

Well my kids are all back in school and I am glad for it, though it certainly make me feel old. Rather bittersweet. It marks the change of seasons for the garden as well. Soon I'll be sowing the tender veggies again and the nights will bring cool relief. The days of swimming are drawing to and end and the days of picnics and long hours of yard work and getting closer.

'Till next time!



  1. Kids in school already? Mine won't start till Sept. Lots of nice peppers!

  2. I love peppers, I'm growing 9 different kinds of pepper this year. I lost all Shishito plants and 1/2 of Padron plants to cutworms, I still have 7 varieties of peppers all growing in containers :)

  3. Having never grown onions (I am trying it this year) I am very impressed with your beautiful red one.

  4. We are lucky to get peppers to maturity in our region so I generally grow just one variety and a fast maturer at that... I used to grow a nice mix and lots more of them when I gardened in a drier and warmer climate. Your pepper photos reminds me of what I am missing! :D

  5. I just can't believe that your children are already back in school! That doesn't happen up here until September.

    Your garden will be producing when ours is ending.