Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Surprise. It's a BOY!

I made a quick trip up to Jacksonville and into Georgia this weekend. While I was there I got to spend some quality time with part of my family I don't see too often. I took Troy up to see his grandparents. I'm really glad that they get along well and that Troy enjoys spending time there.

Teaching the art of the selfie to ones parents is a bit daunting. Luckily I had my phone and didn't have to worry about it too much. As you see below Troy has that mastered. ;-)

 So, we hung out on the water for the day.
 Saw loads of widelife including porpoises, a bald eagle and a plethora of other water birds. THe water was beautiful, if a bit chilly for this gal. The weather was absolutely perfect, and the day was wonderful.

But, I found a way to beat it.

The night was absolutely perfect. The skies were clear, it was 80*, the water was calm and the food was absolutely fantastic.

The ferry coming and going was pretty cool, too.

So we also hit a few shelters looking for dogs while I was up there. I checked 2 counties in Georgia and 2 here in Florida. Not to mention that the 3 applications for pups at the shelters I put in around town the last couple weeks. I also contacted 2 cocker spaniel rescues and have yet (14 days later) to hear anything from them. I finally decided that I was going to chalk it up to wrong place, wrong time and try again in a few weeks when things settled down a bit and I would be able to just watch the rescue sites and see what came up from there. 

Well, apparently other people (my husband!) have other plans. I walked in the door the next day to find this:

Aww, he is just a little baby, and he's cute as can be. But, I'm willing to pay this pup off in shoes to chew if he'll just quit biting US. HA! Yeah- just remind me that I said that because you know that inevitably he will get ahold of my shoes. Then I'll be crying about that.

He really is learning quick and he's a pretty good pup. He woke us up at 5 am the first day and 4 am the second, but this morning it was ME who woke him up. Not only did he not whine or cry over night - he also didn't have any accidents! Potty training may still be a ways off to completion, but it seems that he wants to try at least. I know plenty of people that have pups that just don't care.

So, yesterday we took him up to the local shop and got him a few bones, a couple soft toys and this

His very own tag. He's microchipped, too so that's good. In case he ever manages to get away from us without his collar any shelter that picks him up or vet that treats him would be able to scan his microchip and get my information. What a great insurance policy.

Best news yet? Rich and I have finally settled on a tile for the downstairs. We'll be pulling up all the carpet in a few weeks well, really over the next several months and even replacing the tile in the kitchen. It will be nice that it should coincide with less puppy pee accidents and the floor will be fresh and clean. I'll only have to deal with all the sand and grass brought in by those massive paws.

Speaking of - he's supposed to be 'only 20 pounds' but the paws on this boy are really phenomenal. When he walks he has to flop them out in front of him so he doesn't trip over his own feet. As it is he'll trip over his ears when he's sniffing around. He also falls over every time he scratches. It's rather like watching a cartoon. A cute, floppy, sharp toothed cartoon.

When do they stop teething and biting on you? I'll let you know when I find out. I'm hoping it will at least be curbed in the next few weeks. I'm sure you'll be seeing a lot more of this cutie around here.

See you soon!


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  1. Congratulations on your new addition! He certainly is a cutie.