Thursday, July 9, 2015

So lucky.

Well aren't you just the lucky one? I have so much to post I can't even keep up with it. But, for now - we are back in Florida. Like always any time I leave for more than just a day or two I come back to a fiasco. Cats that threw a hissy, garden that was raided missing flock members, broken pool pumps, trash in the yard, etc. This time it was one of the pullets. She managed to get tangled up somehow in the chicken wire at the top of the run... the ONLY place i have wire, etc. And for the life of me I can't figure out how she did it.
So I came home to find a missing bird, and then after hunting for her found her dangling upside down apparently dead from the top of the run. Resigned to both the chickens fate, and mine (Having to tell the kids) I went over to see what type of tools I was going to need to cut her down. I picked her up, noticed the wire was twisted super tight around her ankle and one toe. So as I was easing her weight back down to go inside to get some wire cutters I head a very faint squack. I looked, but her eyes were closed and she was motionless. Surely that wasn't my little bitty hen...was it? I mean, really there are 3 others plus the ducks. I'm sure it was just one of them...and then I heard it again. This time I had my hand supporting her weight under her breast bone and I felt her trying to make the noise.

SO rather than leave her and run to get the wire cutters my stupid head decided I can't possibly leave her hanging there by herself and I ended up taking just as long no, actually longer to work the wires back and forth enough to break as if I had gotten the wire cutters. It took a good 10 minutes. I finally got her free and when I brought her to my body and cradled her she cooed at me. She was dehydrated and in shock. What is a chicken Momma to do? I took her inside put a towel in my lap and force fed her water. Once she seemed to want the water and not just allow me to drip it on her I started having a little hope. So I sat with her for a couple hours like this constantly offering her water. I made a nice warm mash and fed some of that to her as well. I was shocked she ate it and afterwards I put her in a tote, with the towel wrapped around her in the bathroom so she had a comfy place to lay down and couldn't stand up... not that she could.

The next morning she was bright eyed and bushy tailed, but still could not stand or walk. I decided best thing to do would be to continue to keep her restrained. So she stayed in the bathroom that day as well. She was still only eating when I was hand feeding her, but is now able to somewhat stand up. She's using her knee as a crutch and can't walk but does support her own weight for a minute or two at a time. She's still weak, but at least it seems she is going to pull through.

One of the projects this week was supposed to be tearing down the kids old playhouse. The thing is mostly dilapidated and is beginning to be an eyesore. If it only needed a coat of paint we would keep it, but since the boards are rotting in our constant rain and humidity - it's got to go. I guess it's a good thing that I didn't get around to tearing it down. It has once again been put to use as an infirmary.

Now I'm trying to figure out some way to save this little thing so I can continue to use it as needed. I do have an alternate place for keeping young, sick or injured birds but this little house is more comfy for them.

Here is my little patient. She managed to fall forward and get herself turned around in there. Presumably to make herself feel better protected in her delicate condition.

Oh! Speaking of delicate conditions... do you see how red her face is getting? She's also started building a nest in the infirmary. Each time I move her she does this so I'm thinking we are not too far away form seeing out first blue, or green (hopefully) egg.

But guess what? That isn't the only excitement I ran into when I got home. Look at what I found all over the ground? The stinking squirrels are back at it again. :-( It makes me so sad to see this wasted. Obviously not all of the fruit is trash, but the ones with a large portion missing is going to rot before it gets ripe enough for us.BOO - HISS... I put out the squirrel trap again, but they are steering clear of it. What can I use for bait? I used to get a critter every time I put out peanuts, but not this time. They are ignoring it.

So, until I manage to get rid of some more of them it looks like a third of my harvests will be for them. Too bad it's not a good food for the birds. At least then it wouldn't be wasted.

ah, so - speaking of the reason we were gone... I got a new drawing form the builder. But, I'm going to make you visit a different post to see that. Sorry!  I will post it now though, so at least you don't have to wait!

See you soon....really soon!


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  1. I had a young pullet do the exact same thing!!! She's doing very well...just became a proud mommy of 9 baby chicks. Sorry about the squirrels...they're a big problem here, too.