Wednesday, July 15, 2015


I realize that what is exciting for me is not necessarily exciting for anyone else.

For instance...dirt. This picture of dirt is extremely exciting to me.

This is the beginning of the excavation portion of the basement. It feels so good to know that work is being done. It feels better to know that for once I'm not doing the work. HA! That will be remedied soon enough. In about 6 weeks I will be busy putting in floors and cabinets, toilets and showers. It will still be exciting, but while we are doing the work it will be a little less exciting and a little more exhausting.

Meanwhile projects around the house and garden are on hold. Too much going on  to get much done. We are traveling every weekend this summer to either get a kid, drop off a kid or go to Alabama to check on progress, etc. Sure do wish I'd managed to get the blueberries in the ground before all this. It doesn't bother me that the summer garden is simply a few sweet potatoes, but it does bother me that the bushes are in pots and the wall is incomplete and now more of an eyesore than the wood. Ah, well. Fall will be here and then I'll be dealing with finishing the cabin, then hunting season so if I keep waiting for a time that's not busy it should only be about oh....2020 or maybe a little later. HA!

Meanwhile because my life isn't busy enough I've managed to get to the point that I am actively searching for a puppy. Yes. I am completely insane. I miss my dog so much I just can't take it any more. While I didn't even think about replacing her for a few years I've found myself with puppy lust lately. Wish me luck, and if you happen to breed cockers or know someone who does...let me know!

See you soon!


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