Monday, July 13, 2015

Harvest Monday 7.13.15

Well, This week hasn't been good for the garden at all. No matter though. Avocados are still plentiful around here and at least it's SOMETHING from the garden!

Are you tired of looking at pictures of avocados yet? 

Well the next one might elicit a little more response than the normal boring - 'Oh, avocados again'

When we came home from Alabama this trip we found a lot of fruit on the ground, half eaten.  Roughly a quarter of these have large areas eaten off them, and the others have little test bites. I really don't hate squirrels in general. But squirrels who are willing to only eat a part of something and let the rest rot? Those are the squirrels in my yard. They make me angry. At least if they were appreciative enough to EAT the whole thing then maybe (Only maybe) I'd feel like they are just hungry and needed something to eat. I'd be a whole like more inclined to share nicely. But, ruining my crop is not an option. 

Still plenty for me to eat so maybe I shouldn't complain. I just don't like wasting food, and I really don't want to leave it around on the ground it will attract rats. This I know well. I'm still fighting the last round that managed to make a nest in my compost bin. :-( blech.

See you soon!


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