Friday, February 1, 2013


Oh, it feels so nice to be sowing and planting again!
Yesterday I had to stay home for a few hours in the morning. It was crisp and cool out.
What? Don't laugh. It was in the 50's and that to me is COLD! It was rather breezy, too. Yeah... I know.... poor little Southern Girl. Well when I got done watering in my seeds I thought my fingers were icicles and it took and hour of being inside to get the feeling back. LOL. I'm not used to that!
So in the ground are seeds for: MEGATON! cabbage,  Dicicco broccoli, Sweet Ann sugar snap peas, Alaska sweet peas, Chantenay carrots, Danvers 1/2 long, Parisian, and a dozen lettuce transplants that waited about a month already. They should take off like gangbusters. I just hope they haven't waited too long.
Last night it got down to around 40 degrees so it is another crisp day today and tomorrow will be a little warmer but not by much. Great for the transplanted lettuce...not so great for me.

There will be lots more seeds and plants going in this week and next as the garden gets whipped back into shape. Now that I know the fence bed will be struggling in the shade of the new planters I know I'll have to plant cooler veggies there. Things that either need a lot of shade or that can survive it. Alternately things that need cooler temps as Spring revs up around here we get some pretty hot temps fast and that tends to send a lot of our lettuces and greens bolting quickly. I'm hoping this will help with that problem.  It should also help hold the moisture in the soil as well.

Another issue that is cropping up is the walkways between the beds. We are not sure if we are going to try to leave it grass for now and see how it works or if we are going to just ditch the grass and go for some type of litter in the walkways. Of course if I do line the walkways there is maintenance involved in that as well. Personally I'd rather see hay or straw used so that it can be recycled and used the following season in the compost. Hubby won't like that idea. Maybe pine straw would be more his speed. It's a bit prettier I guess. I just don't like pebbles or rocks and laying an entire area of pavers? NIGHTMARE!

So, still more work and thought to be put into the garden beds. Not just muscle. But, speaking of muscle the next set of pallets came in last night. (Oh. Joy!) Great for getting the beds done, bad for getting any gardening done. It's such a catch 22. I want the beds in so I can use them, but I want time to get the beds I have caught up and planted out as well.
Maybe letting the beds get out of hand wasn't such a great idea? Never is.
 The blueberries are blooming like crazy and one has completely broken dormancy. The guavas are flushing. It's a beautiful Morning! Hopefully I'll be back with some pictures of something besides my new garden bed.
See you soon!

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