Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Perry- hunting

So. I don't know about how incredibly romantic your man is. But mine? He's just SO romantic. He lets me kill things for Valentine's day. That's right. You are now seething with jealousy. Go ahead. Admit it. You would just *swoon* if your man proffered a hunting trip to the woods, wouldn't ya?
What? You don't think that is a terribly romantic idea? Hmm... Well, while it IS my idea of food, and possibly fun, it is NOT my idea of ROMANTIC, either. Hunting normally involves a lot of work on MY end. But, in this case we only took one of our little rug rats along with us. That made it a little better. Still not incredibly romantic - but I digress.
Last weekend we took off to Perry, FL just a few hours North of us to do some hog hunting. It was not work for me! This kind of hunting is something I could get used to. We enjoyed a lovely bonfire at night, I didn't have to set up or break camp like usual. Heck, I didn't even have to cook or clean! Maybe this trip wasn't so bad. It still didn't hit 'romantic' but I will admit I did have a good time. Take me with no children and it could have been that big "R" word. ;-) I do after all enjoy the serenity of the woods. I LIKE building campfires and being one with nature. S'mores aren't bad, either.
OK,OK - I will get on with it. We got into camp on Friday night around 9pm. Hunted on Saturday morning and by 8am we had our hog. We hung around for the day Troy practiced with a compound bow, and we tried to go out again Saturday night but the winds were so horrible (15-30mph) that I ended up with windburn on my face and eyes. I got the chills pretty bad, too. The tree we were in was like sitting in a ride at the County fair the way it was swinging back and forth! The hogs were there, but they were bedded down and not coming out. I don't blame them. When we got back to camp at sundown it was 36* and falling fast. The wind made it wound like the trees were falling down around us, but the fire kept us warm. The kids romped and played all kinds of scare your friends games to keep warm. Running may have kept them warm, but me? I had a blanket and the fire!
I climbed into bed early and woke to a clear crisp 28* morning. We stoked the fire back up and Troy went off squirrel hunting. The boy could not get enough. He was on a kick so we let him go but warned him that anything he killed he would eat. Well, now I have to cook squirrel don't ya know! Ah, but he'll be the one to eat it and next time he has to not only eat it he has to be the one to CLEAN them. I'm doubting he'll hunt them again even if he likes the taste. They are a lot of work because they are so small.
So, while my garden froze at home and the wind opened the gate to let my chickens wreck havoc on whatever they set their beaks upon I was having a good ole time. Ah- I guess it was worth it.... I think.

His first hog. He's proud. I'm proud of him. He did very well not getting overly nervous. He chose a good size for meat and not a trophy. He took a good clean shot. He is coming along and going to make a fine and conscientious hunter. Now, let's see if I can get him back in the garden again. Seems I need some help replanting a bunch of seeds. HUMPH!
See you soon!

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