Friday, February 15, 2013

Our Valentine's Day Party...

Okay, well - maybe it was more of a "Party" complete with quotes. It involved keeping poor Savannah away from all food, candy, etc until after her surgery. Not sure how much of a party it can be with no food or drink, but we did what we could.
First thing we did was sleep in.

This is essential in keeping kids away from food. Letting their bodies do what is best, and that means minds completely shut off for as long as possible. Of course my little munchkin woke up not too much after normal time. I managed to coax her back to sleep for another hour and a half though and that helped. Then we hung out in bed for a while and watched cartoons.


The next thing we did was wander around the house and see what Momma did while the littles were sleeping.

Hey! Imagine that! Someone actually decorated the house. Huh, Wonder who that could have been. Cupid must have been a busy little fella! What with all the love bows he had to shoot and candy hearts he had to bake.
Aren't you glad this is one holiday we don't have to try to sneak around for? Sheesh. I did wait until the kids went to bed to decorate, but not because i didn't want to get caught in this case. Because I didn't want poor little Annah around food or thinking about food if she didn't have to be.
The heart on the fridge came with a NO - NO note. I forgot to put one on the pantry and sure enough she got in there. I did catch her, but she found her way. Sure enough she did. *sigh*
Well, after sleeping in and then wandering around we found a nice little stash of Valentine goodies to keep us busy!
In these bags we found a new 'piggy bank' (it was NOT a piggy) a puzzle, and a few low key activities to enjoy for the day. After a jaunt at the puzzle - my girl is a puzzle whiz we went out to gather eggs and it was icky rainy out. SO much for playing outside in the garden for a while.
She decided to watch Brave. Fitting for a little girl who had to wait for surgery... did I mention her surgery was scheduled for 2:30!!!? YIKES!
So back to relax some more. I have to say at this point more than a few tears were shed.
But you would never know by looking at that sweet, sweet face. Would ya? She was SO mad about not eating and drinking so we hung out upstairs away from the temptations that come from being in the normal living areas.

Contrary to popular belief she does not actually have any brothers or sisters who are hamsters. The red eyes only come out when she is angry about not eating. LOL> OK maybe it's the flash.

It seemed like and eternity, but before we knew it we were all checked in at the surgery center and waiting to go back.
Luckily? Well, I don't know about that part but because we were not first timers there they had all of our information already and we didn't have to wait very long at all.
Annah was a super champ and walked right back with the anesthesiologist. According to the Dr and the nursing staff she was the model patient and they wished more kids were like her. :-) She makes me proud.
In recovery she looks, well - drugged because she was.
We were quickly sent home where she curled up on the couch and was allowed to eat whatever she wanted.
About an hour later she was back to normal and happy go lucky!
We made cookies, and then she got to frost them and decorate them for everyone for Valentine's Day. She didn't even skip a beat. Just took a little cat nap. LOL.

The surgeon was able to do both ears. A true blessing. He knew he would be able to do one, but the second ear was questionable. We thought we would be back to do the second later in the year. I'm so happy he was able to get them both done at one. It may not be a painful surgery, but it is not only an inconvenience it is also uncomfortable for my girlie each time.
Last night was the first time in weeks that she was able to go to sleep without the help of not only drugs, but me holding her and helping her. There were no tears shed! This makes me so very relieved. The best grand I ever spent...even though there will still be the bill from the surgeon, the anesthesiologist, the pathologist.... oye.
She's doing very well, and it seems now we may get to go hunting this weekend after all. Here piggy piggy piggy.... *teehee*
See you soon!

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