Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Annah's Valentine's Day plans

Well. It seems I was right. We went to see Savannah's doctor about her ears and before we left we were scheduled for surgery again.
Only thing is, this time we won't be waiting very long. Tomorrow is the day! Yup. Valentine's Day. She will miss the class party. So we filled out her Valentine's cards and sent them in to school today along with her contribution to the party for tomorrow.
Normally there is a few weeks wait before surgery, so this was a bit of a surprise. I guess it is and it isn't. We know that her ears were pretty bad off and it's not her first (or second, or third) go round. But, it is good that she will have relief before the weekend.
In preparation we went last night and got her hair cut (EEK!) so that the gooey goopy ear gunk would be easier to clean up. She's not very happy with me, but it's always a fight in the mornings anyway and this will help us both. I hate what they did to her bangs, but it will grow.
I'll try to update tomorrow while my baby girl is recuperating. Wish me luck with keeping her happy about having our own little Valentine's party.

See you soon.


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