Thursday, February 28, 2013

Like Bigfoot!

Much like Bigfoot, taking a picture of an elusive working teenager is nearly impossible.
I have evidence.
Moments before there was a teenager here. I swear it! You can use some quotes around the word "working" because he took breaks equal to the amount of time he spent working, but I swear when I snapped the shutter he was standing there!
We were back at work trying to complete the next planter. I'm trying to get the two end planters completed. Then after they are done I'll move on to the middle ones. This project seems to be never ending to me. The trenches are always a surprise. The first 2, pictured here were littered with roots from a nearby oak tree. Just 3 years ago there were no roots here. I guess I should have put the planter in then! The next 2 trenches  I WE dug? We found the main water pipe to the house! THAT was fun. I was ready to just move the box, but of course we had already done the work of getting the first two sides dug...
LOOK! There he is! The elusive BIG FOOT... uh- I mean teenager! heheh... actually I DO mean big foot. That boys feet are HUGE. He's wearing a size 11.5 already. Soon I'll be having to find out who Shaqeal O'Neil's tailor and cobbler are so he can make this kids clothes and shoes!
Oh, right I was talking about the garden. If I had dug the side that had the water pipe first I would have stopped there, but Nooo... my hard headed self had already had it in my brain that I was NOT putting in a whole other day of work to dig those trenches again! So hubby - sweet as he is cut out the metal pallets and if we forget to tell whoever buys this place when we leave they may have a major issue if they try to take out the garden boxes. LOL. The boxes just barely fit over the pipes and are SUPER sharp. Remind me to write that down somewhere... hehehe.
So, progress continues on major garden renovation and I'm hoping before summer to have it all done. Call me crazy, but I think I may actually make it. Maybe. If Bigfoot here will help, and get his Daddy in on the helping bandwagon, too. My plan is for dirt to go in the box this weekend then old Poppa Bear can take his time making it pretty if he wants as long as I get to plant things. ;-)
For now it's time to sort through the seeds again and get things re-started that froze a couple weeks ago. *sigh*.
What a mess. Melted tomatoes. (OH JOY!) I think I ended up with 4 plants that made it. Now I need about 8 more. Not to mention the peppers. Hey- at least my jalapeno plant made it through the first wave. It's supposed to be extra chilly again this weekend. Highs only in the 50's. Yup. Definitely time to plant again.

See you soon!


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