Monday, February 11, 2013

Harvest Monday 2/11/13

It's Harvest Monday again.
This time I'm not linking in though. I don't have any pictures, and nothing wonderful to report. I did have a small harvest this week though.
1 zucchini and 2 tomatoes. :-)
Hey, it may not be much, but it keeps me going.
We also harvested the flu and another ear infection. That is why I'm not linking in and why I have no pictures to share yet again. Tomorrow I head back to the Dr's for what I am afraid pretty sure will be the assurance of the next round of surgery for my littlest.
It seems each Spring I get to report this event. Unfortunately it is preceded with so many sleepless nights that by the time we get here I'm relieved to get the surgery scheduled and then by surgery day I may be nervous for the surgery but the actual surgery it self is such a relief! Sleep is in my future, I just KNOW IT!
We have flu complications as well. Friday Kate was feeling perfectly fine after fending off her bout of flu. Today she is snotty and wheezy. Looks like we will be heading back tot he Dr's again for her this afternoon or tomorrow as well.
We had plans for hunting this weekend, but I'm not so sure that is going to happen now as it requires us to leave them each at different grandparents houses. My fingers are crossed for miraculous recoveries for both, but my brain is realistic and preparing for the reality of another quiet (LONG NIGHTED) weekend at home.

See you soon.


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