Thursday, September 16, 2010


First green bean of the fall season. She’s so pretty…. The girls were fighting over who got to eat it! Then I found this other bean and I’m less than happy about it. I’ve never gotten a bean like this out of my garden before. I’ve apparently never had whatever kind of critter this is in my yard before. I’m not happy and I’m on the hunt for anything even remotely suspicious around my bean patch.


So- with that we begin the very start of the fall harvest. Don’t expect record amounts, but I am hopeful to have enough for a side dish for all of us in another week. J


‘Til next time~





  1. I love green beans from the garden, but didn't get but a handful this year, so I planted another crop this fall; hopefully I'll get some more.

    Did you get your package yet?

  2. Yes- My Troy bear is begging to open it - he thinks it is for him.:-) Thank yoU!