Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Some littles from the garden

We are finally in blossom again. I am so HAPPY to report this. You just don't know.

Unfortunately I am down to 5 tomato plants. 2 of which are Cherry tomatoes so I may have to bite the bullet and go to the big box. *sigh* IF they have something more than just seedlings. I'm afraid seedlings wouldn't be able to produce in time.
The two tomatoes above are on the same plant. It worries me somewhat that they can be such different shapes and if they have the disease that has apparently made off with my poor beefsteaks. I'm determined to pull those plants this weekend. I've given them 2 weeks to show some kind of growth and give me hope but apparently it's useless. :-(

THe picture loading thing is different now than it was on Monday. New problems but I think easier problems to handle and at least for now it's somewhat better.

Love the little fuzzies on the Okra - it's rather benign looking - unless you have recently been spined. LOL

Newly transplanted pepper. WHOOT! I'm in full swing with the peppers. There are a few varieties I'd like to add but I will probably wait until next year for those.

Garden Peas and Snow Peas are up and starting well.
And the Canteloupe may FINALLY have a couple female flowers on it. It's an early variety and yet at 70 days I have only 2 babies that havne't flowered yet. Crossing my fingers it gets into high production soon!
The citrus trees are showing me the love. The lemons are begining to blush and I'm fighting daily with hubby and Troybear to keep them on the tree until fully ripe.


  1. HAHA! Click on the okra and check out the ant having a sip of nectar from the base of the flower. Kinda creepy, kinda cool - and a good reminder I need to pick up some borox...

  2. Wow, you're right about the citrus love. Fantastic.

    Your weather is just gearing up when we're all falling apart. We'll live vicariously through you this winter!

  3. Ah, it won't be all winter just into November probably. I'm a little bit too far north for much after that.