Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Harvest Monday!

Harvest Monday is hosted each Monday by Daphne at Daphne's Dandelions! A great big *smooch* to her for letting us all join in the fun!
Peppers and okra and beans oh my!

Times they are a changing! Well, not JUST yet- but OH so SOON! My (new) cucumbers are gangbusters. My tomatoes are setting fruit, the weather is changing and so I am of course delighted to think that soon my vegetable diversity will be increasing as well. On the okra home front - I have found a new recipe. Okra rellenos. No review yet. I must try before posting it. I'll be looking to let some of them get a little larger than I normally do so they will be large enough to stuff with yummy goodness. Think I'll over fry some as well this week. :-)
This little guy seems to have lots of friends this

year. For some reason dragonflies are super abundant this summer. My girls giggle and squeal as they flitter around. It's so cute!

Okra is still blooming and producing nicely even after letting one of the plants go to seed.

The bees seem to be gone though so I hope the seed is good. Squash is also blooming again!

Of course most of this weekend was spent with these little blossoms.

See how innocent she is......

HA! THat look was AFTER I caught her doing THIS!

All the cowpeas were pulled, they were turning well before the pods were full and well- there is always next year... I needed the room for the cooler weather plants, but really I just got tied of nursing them along. Too much rain by far for them. The pumpkin are suffering from the rain in the form of mold but I think they will pull through. I'm utterly dissapointed in the large pumpkins but I'm still holding out hope. If there is no fruit set by Oct. 1 they will come out. Next year it will be a different type of pumpkin.

Cool weather crops were planted this weekend. Carrots, and peas, cabbage and radishes and such.
*groan* and if I ever figure out the picture thing here my posts wont be sooo whompy!
Till next time~


  1. That okra looks great. I just learned this week that okra grows so fast that once you see a blossom, it's just a matter of days until a baby okra is ready to harvest. I had no idea! Compared to weeks and weeks of agonizing wait for tomatoes and peppers, okra sounds like a gardener's dream. I will have to grow some next year.

    Your daughter is just adorable beyond words. :)

  2. Looks like a nice harvest. I'm sure you are really looking forward to the better fall growing season.

  3. Thyme- It DOES grow fast. Here it is sometimes 24 hours, but not more than 48 from blossom to harvest. Instant gratification for sure!

    Daphne- Thanks. I am!