Friday, September 3, 2010

Too many Pictures - A Tour!

Ah - I've really enjoyed looking at every ones tours now that the gardens are turning into Fall gardens. I realized that I haven't posted pictures of my garden here on this site! So, Welcome to my home! This year I am only gardening edibles in the back yard. Next year I'm looking to expand into the front.
Coming out my back door and onto the patio are a few small pots:

Coconut - this is my very favorite type of coconut palm and it's about 18 months now. We actually have 2 of these, the other is over by the pool, but looks identical except it has 2 angels residing at it's base rather than the floaties that flank this one. LOL

Corn, and Tomatoes, too. Patio and an indeterminate that I've decided was tagged wrong. Both are flowering now. YEAH! I'll be back in the 'maters soon!

Just behind the patio is my little teeny Peach grove. It's not much but I absolutely LOVE fresh peaches. We had our first crop this spring. They were MUCH earlier than expected. Then again I didn't expect to harvest any until next year - so BONUS! They are doing wonderfully and require only quarterly maintenance so far. The fruit on these trees is small, but super sweet!

Here we are at the exit to the patio is the pool pump - covered by lattice. My lovely trellis climbers are here! The empty space has peas that are just emerging planted. The cow peas (beans all over trellis) are being pulled this weekend.

These are Kiwi that according to the tag 'love full sun' HA! They are only doing well on the back side of the trellis....

That brings us to the kids playground - yes, I'm crazy I have that planted too! The pumpkins reside there!

And directly next to the playground on each side are the apple trees. Amazingly the tags are still on them and readable even after a year! 1-2 more years before they will bear. We'll hope for just a couple for harvest next fall, knowing that the first harvest is always the smallest. Time to do some reading up, they keep flushing new growth and then losing it. :-~ I know, I know - Apples, in FLORIDA? Well these apples are bred for bermuda so I thought I'd give it a try!
Here is another shot with the apple in front, pumpkin in the back behind the sand box. :-) Those are blueberry bushes at the bottom of the apple trees.

What you don't see is the actual playground and then a beautiful cedar playhouse my Honey and I put together for the girls But, attached to the playhouse are these lucious grapes. These are also first year, so I'm thinking I might be able to harvest early next summer if I"m lucky. They seem to enjoy this spot.

If you look closely to the very left at the bottom of the picture you'll see my baby butternut plant - and here is it's close up!

It's really quite striking with a wonderful VARIGATED leaf! This isn't mildew. :-)

Here is the main part of that bed. Currently planted with corn. Unfortunately I don't believe this will be harvested. We don't typically see a change in the weather until October and it's already changing. :-(

And this is Sierra Gold and Alaska Hybrid (a 65 day canteloupe I can't wait to try!)
That brings us to the main garden.... New Post time! Bogger isn't loving all the pretty pictures so I'll start anew for the main garden.
Hmmm... and a picture of one of my citrus trees. Hey- the slide on the playground is back there! HA!

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