Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Hope renewed…. Just when I was feeling this overwhelming sense of being a nursemaid in my garden rather than a gardener THIS – This little butternut baby came to join in the game. J I’m so glad to see her! This plant is doing amazingly well to have put forth this little beauty. See, it’s only 35 days old! And that is after a rough start with the girls accidentally trampling it trying to catch a lizard. LOL

This is exactly what I needed. I did everything I could to pollinate this little girl, but I don’t believe that she will take. For multiple reasons.

1. No mature male flowers. I did open up one that was a couple days from maturing and TRIED - but there is almost no chance.

2. I did use pollen from another squash, but there is almost (99%) no chance as it was not a moshata.

3. The age of the plant and the size of the plant simply can’t handle that fruit yet.

So, if all goes well it will carry me through just a couple more days until the male flowers catch up and the plant produces more females. I do see 3 more of the tiniest little buds forming so within the week I believe we’ll have another go. I must say this isn’t a variety I’ve grown or eaten before, but I’m completely impressed with the fact that these two tiny plants already have 4 female flowers. If that is a sign of things to come I should surely have an abundant crop. Speaking of. Due to the quickness of the fruit I’m going to plant 2 more this weekend. ME LIKEY! My Honey doesn’t like pumpkin, or butternuts. He’s more of a Zucchini guy. Personally I can’t stand zucchini except in muffins. LOL Guess that is why it’s so great that I’ve found a space saving butternut so now I can grow some of each to satisfy us both. J

On a side note, my cucumber that was planted the same day as this beauty is also flowering both male, and female flowers! The cherry tomatoes and patio are too - WHOOT! I’m nearly back in the game! Soon I’ll have that oh so wonderful grin of delight on my face again when I can say confidently “Go ahead, I have them coming out of my ears” about anything other than Okra.

Till next time~


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