Monday, September 13, 2010

Harvest Monday 9/13/2010

Figured I had better start dating these. :-)

I'm joining in the fun over at Daphne's for Harvest Monday! Stop on by and see what others are harvesting, too.

I have the hardest time with the picture uploader the last 2 weeks - so here goes nothing. Since it is still summer heat here my harvests are still trying to change. I'm still gathering loads of okra every other day, plus the odd cucumber here or there. My girls each grabbed a cuke this week and were noshing with some ranch before I could snap a picture but the rest is here. 3 more trays worth (2 gallons) of okra in the freezer. I don't really need more than that to see me through spring. With the 3 trays already in I'm set until I can harvest next year. More never hurt though so I am collecting and freezing. I did find 2 persons who wanted some so 3 more gallons went that way as well.
The tabasco peppers are stillin full force as well. Now the Jalepenos, and serannos are getting ready to join the crowd it looks like their flowers will finally set fruit again this week. The bells are flowering again, but the blossoms drop by days end still so another 2-3 week for them.

This week my harvest wasn' t all in the garden. Some of the most important things were 'harvested' work done inside. We defrosted the freezer and got it ready to go for the green bean harvest which should ensue very soon, and we stacked our washer and dryer so that I can hang clothes easier as they are done - also allowing us more storage space on either side of the set now. YIPPPEEE - I'm ALL for space AND easier. :-)
This little munchkinite gets her very own cameo - she was mad that her sister stole the spotlight last week by squishing her cheeks. So here is my B girl looking bright-eyed and bushy tailed after getting caught with a stolen cuke!

Grr- yes the picture thing is giving me grief again. You know - I just got settled in on this blog I REALLY don't want to look for somewhere else with better photo stuff.... ugh.

Til next time~


  1. What a cutie! I'm envious of all of your okra. Whereas I got more than I could eat last year, this year I got zilch!

  2. Ohhh, that what those tiny peppers are, tabasco peppers! How do you use those peppers, and also your abundant okra?

    Your little girl is so adorable, I'd let her have all my cucumbers. Okay, maybe not all, but at least three. :)

  3. I think our kitchens look very similar now, with all the okra we're getting from the garden. I'm looking for new ways to cook mine. On the menu today, okra casserole. :)

  4. Goodness that is a lot of okra. I wouldn't know what to do with it all. I've only ever had it in gumbo.

  5. I wish our climate was warm enough to grow okra. Are you planning to make some tasty gumbo?

  6. Ribbit - I'm pretty sure it's feast or famine with the stuff! All the sudden production has dropped off again for me, but not complaining. It's still enough for our needs.

    T2G-Okra is frozen, put into every type of soup or stew we eat, fried, and looking to try stuffed like poblano peppers this week! The tabascos are basically for heat only so anything that you don't want a peppery flavor but would like a lot of heat they are wonderful. We use them macerated or simply crushed into things like burritos - or dried and flaked for pizza. It's a completely different kick than regular red pepper flakes! Looking to blend with vinegar and bottle as this weekends project. I'm worried we'll run out in the winter so this would be good for storage along with the dried ones.

    Mary - My honey is always on the lookout for new ways to use it. He likes it more than I do really. Keep me posted on that casserole!

    Daphne and Thomas- well gumbo is definately my favorite way to eat it - I'll be making some soon no doubt the weather is finally tolerable again here!