Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Not literally. It's finally turned the corner from monsoons and we have officially entered the dry season.

But when it rains - it pours.

It is POURING!!!

This last 10 days have been a real whirl wind! We had a certain dolphin to visit....

We had a HUGE cookie and lemonade sale in front of the house... The girls made $17!!!! They decided to go get a stuffed Eeyore and a fancy smancy pumpkin at the pumpkin patch - but I didn't get any pictures of that because as luck would have it between selling cookies and getting the pumpkins we had school.
There is a little boy at school Katie likes to play with. Apparently a little too much. When I picked her up on that day her hand looked like this:
And we heard the tale of how the fence makes a cool sound when you run down it (chain link) dwapdwapdwap....but when Parker is running along, too and your hand gets caught....

So the next day her pediatrician took xrays and sent her home looking like this:

And if I didn't know better, I'd think she had something to say about that! Well, she did have something to say about it, but not what it looks like! We spent the next few days that way but I got a phone call form the hospital when he sent the films and indeed, it is broken. Monday we were to go back to All Children's. We got completely lost but when we got found, and spent a few hours at the Orthopaedic surgeons office (no thankfully no surgery) This is how we left....

Looks miserable, right? Well, pretty much. Poor kiddo can't even write, play on the playground, no P.E., no nothing!  So to cheer her up I got her some chocolate, fed it to her  and let her play on my computer...

NOW she's feeling a bit better. Still can't even feed herself but for already cut up things. *sigh* On top of ALL THIS her sister is sick, too. and the same day that she gets the cast the little booboo got diagnosed with pneumonia.

So, yeah. Life is hectic to say the least and it's POURING. (Figuratively)

Hope it's mediocre and rising where you are. Fair weather to you all.

See you soon 'cause I just know the sun is gonna peak around those clouds!


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