Thursday, October 4, 2012


I know I"m not really swift on the uptake around here. But, I've been mentioning a lot of projects that have been taking up my time.

This is one of the major ones:
Winter the dolphin is something of a legend to my kids. They've adored her for years. We watch her on the webcam on the way to school, we drive by her on the way to the beach. Her birthday is the same month as my girls, too. So this year they decided that they wanted to have their birthday with Winter.
Turned out this was not one of my smarter things I've ever done. It's expensive. It's hard to plan. Especially with 2 kids birthdays in 2 different classrooms... I can't very well invite 2 entire classrooms full of kids after all.
My children want to buy Winter a birthday present. Sweet, huh? Until you see the price tag of some of the things she needs. I think we'll stick to more basic necessities. Things that are needs rather than wants. LOL. Scrub brushes for the pool? Check! That is easier and cheaper than a giant unsinkable float for her. Not as fun for the kids though. *sigh*

Anyway. This party may be the death of me. The cake is impossible. I can't find a dolphin to go on top and none of the local bakeries (Publix, Walmart - I live in the boonies people) will bake me a specialty cake. I'm capable of making a dolphin mind you, but they don't want a dolphin... they want WINTER, jumping out of the cake. LOL. A small request of course. The other request is that they want a castle. So My brain ticks away and comes up with a sand castle at the shore and the silly dolphin jumping with joy in the ocean. Should be simple enough, but now I've got less than a week and still can't find a dolphin to do the jumping. AHHHHH!
But I have a plan. Always a plan. I'm just not sure what the plan is yet.
Oh yes I do. Blind them with something else. Have Nemo cake on stand by!
See? Plan.
So Last year Pink everything. This year Blue. Go figure. Stay tuned as the blue goes big. Bet it? Big Blue? Ahahha. I crack myself up.


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