Thursday, October 4, 2012

I have seedlings!!!

O. M. G.... I have seedlings! Last night after a few days of drizzly weather. (OK what days haven't been drizzly this year here?) It turns out I had a few (20 or so) seedlings pop up in that section where the hens went to town!

YAHOOO! Of course there is no telling what all is in there. I know that 2 beans made it out of 45. But, that does not surprise me. They would have snarfled any of those that they found. Large seeds like beans are easily discernible and after all, just who wouldn't eat a bean laying around? I know I would. Beans are yummy. But beyond the 2 beans there is absolutely no telling what is left out there. I'll just have to let it all grow and know that it's a mixed bag. None of it is poisonous so that is a bonus. Marigolds are the only thing not edible and of course they are usually easily distinct at an early age. Everything else is related to either a mustard or chard so it will be difficult to tell until I go to sample each plant. Only the ones that get any color will give me a sign of what type of chard they are. LOL.

I'm just thrilled that anything at all came up. I will give it another few days and then see about planting in a few seeds to fill in the blank spots. Nematode resistant. MUST keep that in mind. Lest I fill the bed again with a feast for the stinking microscopic cretons.

Maybe the fall won't be a complete disaster?

'Till next time!


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