Friday, October 19, 2012

Quiet and Projects

Sorry it's been quiet. This is the time of year it gets introspective around here. Lots of birthdays including a little Angels. It makes it hard to concentrate and get things down. On top of that I have a little on with a broken hand. My life continues to get busier instead of calmer. (YEAH!)

But I wanted to come back and show you the other projects that have been going on around the house.
While we waited for the heat outside to back off a little and the rains to slow. (They have, FINALLY!) We concentrated for a few weeks on inside projects. One of the big ones that drives my Honey nuts is organizing the playroom and the master bedroom closets. While we were on a role the twinkie dinks bedroom closet also got a makeover.
Now because I"m not a gluten for punishment I don't have any before pictures. But, I do have after shots!!! :-D

The playroom closet now has several areas dedicated to both the little kids and the BIG kids, too!
Big kids stuff up on the top shelves here games with small parts  - and the little kids have their games lower, and a mirror for dressing up. The wall opposite this there are hangers for their necklaces and things....
So of course they can spend time admiring themselves as they change over accessories over and over again. Not that they do that constantly. *Ahem* Behind that you get a peek of the boxes that are on the shelf system. This might be my favorite part of the room. It's the easiest way for the kids to clean up after themselves and also the easiest for them to set to rights again.

Each tub has it's own special contents but in a pinch as long as it's picked up... LOL.
rounding the corner brings us back to the original shelf system. on the floor is the dress up container for all their hats, dresses and other assorted goodies. Now, if I could only get the rest of the playroom as organized...

The other closets?
The master...

And the girls closet. Having the two of them share one it really needed it!!!

Now, as soon as I get the feeder finished for the chickens, the waterer, too I'll show them off. Right now I'm waiting on the next call from the Dr's nurse about what to do with Kate's cast. It's almost 1pm on Friday so if I don't hear soon I'll be heading to Urgent care. I can't see her going the whole weekend without it when it's already been since Wednesday and she is still complaining about the pain. :-(

Be back soon.


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