Monday, October 29, 2012

Harvest Monday 10.29.12

It's Harvest Monday. The last Monday in October and I figured I had better report before I don't have one for October. So I'm linking into Daphne's Dandelions. Thanks Daphne for always being such a wonderful hostess!

I'm getting 18-21 eggs a week. The girls are my faithful companions when I am out and about doing yard chores. Always there to keep me company and always giving me good food to eat as well. Now that the days are cooler they are truly enjoying the time in the yard and not always seeking shelter in the shade for the majority of the day.

 Instead they tend to do this:
 They stay underfoot and hang right with me. Mostly a good thing, but right now we have a LOT of big projects going on. A lot of other things going on, too. But the yard itself is really transforming. Seems no place is safe from the reaches of the gardener these days.

The other harvest besides eggs? Roselle! LOVE this stuff. It's so very good for you. 1/2 pound so far, but the bush is absolutely loaded to the hilt and just waiting for me again. Seems each time I get a few more of the little wonders. The chickens like it too.

The plump tartness just waits to burst and I'm wondering if they like just making the calyx pop or if they actually enjoy eating them?

I guess I'll never really know because I don't give them many. They only get the ones I drop on the way into the house whenever I forget to bring a bowl with me. This time I remembered the bowl, and to take a picture. This is what I harvest every other day when I get to them before the darned squirrels.

Mulberries are in full swing as well but this year I am not harvesting them for us other ten for fresh eating. We are far too busy with other things to worry about that tree and those berries. The chickens have had to majority of the berries and the kids of course when they climb it and wash them off with the hose.

After the most recent trip to Alabama we found out we have the largest bumper crop of pecans to date so we are trying hard to eat up the rest of last years stash. Thanks to our vacuum sealer the nuts are still wonderfully fresh. So far we already have 3) 5gallon buckets filled to the brim and the season hasn't even started yet! We have decided to sell enough to have them processed for us so that our kitchen doesn't turn into pecan central for 2 months again. I'll only need to whittle through to ensure that any extra pieces of shell are taken out  and then vacuum seal them. Should take less than a week and hopefully only a long weekend or two this time.

Renovations, illnesses, and new chicken projects going on so be sure to check back.

See ya soon!



  1. I haven't seem rosella before - fun shape and great colour. Pecans sound great. My parents grow hazelnuts but I have to say would prefer pecans - such a delicious nut.

  2. So much pecans, how fortunate, they are one of my favorite nuts. I need to Google rosella to learn about it.