Thursday, March 22, 2012


So last night we hired the sitters and my husbands idea of a 'date night' was heading off to Home Depot and taking me shopping. Well, OK. But, dinner would have been nice. Sheesh!

I've been begging for a trellis so I could grow beans that don't completely hate our humid and hot summers (like yard longs) for the last few years and it's a point of contention. He won't flex on the materials and I won't flex on not having one. So off we went. Here are my ideas of what I want...pardon me if I've stolen from your blog or your pictures.

Cattle panel on the existing white fence - something that would virtually disappear once the vegetation grew on it. But, he wouldn't go for the wire.

 He was willing to do these things...

  Both made of wood  and not something I want to do to myself. I don't want to replace a trellis every year or two. We live in Florida and realistically it would mean annual maintenance at minimum. No thank you!

The compromise you ask?

Well, I don't have any true pictures yet - but the compromise is a trellis that will be tried in an 8' section for 1 year. I don't think it will work very well because of the inability to reach behind the trellis. After all if you can not harvest one side of the trellis the beans/cukes (veggies) will set on that side and cause the vines to slow or stop production. Am I wrong?  This is roughly what we are looking at, only it will be 4" (the width of the post sleeve) from the fence, and the lattice will be mounted to the outside of the post sleeve rather than to the middle as shown here.
It will also be mounted off the ground by 18" This setup won't work for peas. The tendrils simply wouldn't have anything to grab onto - and it will be hard work for growing cucumbers, but it is not impossible I do it now by weaving them in and out of a much smaller panel and an earth box at the bottom...

Ah- I'll try to keep you posted on the progress of this project. I hope the beans are easier to harvest than I think they will be. It would be a shame. I did get him to agree that if it doesn't work I can by the dagon cattle panel and spray paint the thing white and hang it there next year. Grrr... at least I'm willing to try his way first. I am desperate to finally get the vines growing!

'Till next time!



  1. HA! My kind of date ;-)

    He wouldn't like what I'm doing with my beans this year. I'm using welded wire fencing, bending the top over so it hangs over the top of my 6' cedar fence, and stapling it down the sides (slightly bowed, so there is room for the beans to grab on). I figure the vines will cover it soon enough, so it doesn't need to be pretty. Picture:

  2. Shame he wont go for the cattle panel - I think it looks quite good in both a practical and as asthetic sense. But then I quite like wire generally - weird huh?