Monday, March 12, 2012

Baby B and her Surgery

My poor little Annah B.

She had to have surgery. She was only a little nervous. It's a place she's been before, so it wasn't completely new to her.
She's a big girl, though and here she's waiting with her Daddy. They were playing Cars.
She new the Dr and some of the staff. Her regular ENT office in one door, and the Surgery Center is in the other. That makes it less scary. She sees the office pretty often.
We got matching pink bracelets that identified us as owning each other. He stuffed animal got one, too. ;-)
Then we went into the 'holding tank'
Looked more like a fish tank to me, but eh- whatever. She was very brave, indeed.
Next thing she knew she had a Popsicle and was all through! Of course an hour had gone by, but she'll never know that!
She was still pretty sleepy, but the next day she was right as rain again and playing games.

We kept her inside and busy all day reading and playing games.
But, last night and today she is not well. He temperature is having a hard time regulating itself. It keeps bouncing around like a Jack (or is that Jill?) in the box. One minute she's fine and the next she's burning a fever that has us on high alert waiting for the pediatrician to tell us to go to the hospital. Twice now we've only narrowly avoided it. Tonight doesn't look any better. Wish us luck.

I hope to be back soon with a good update!

'Till next time!



  1. Prayers, good vibes, and whatever else it takes to help get your baby well, are headed your way.

    {{{{{Baby B}}}}} and {{{{{Barbie}}}}}

  2. Oh, good luck! I've always been very scary with kids anesthesia. Take care!

  3. Hope all is well by the time you read this. Scary when kids are sick.