Monday, March 26, 2012

Harvest Monday 3.26.12

Well, this post was started hours and hours ago but something interfered. What was that? Oh, yes- WORK. PHTHTHTHT> :-P

The harvest was another good one. I keep thinking they will slim down again soon and yet they march on!

The first for this week? The first green beans of the year.

The first BLUEBERRY that wasn't stolen by the blasted birds.
The strawberries are getting much smaller now, and not setting as frequently. It's about time to chose what plants to save for summer and they haven't even set forth the runners. Very odd!

A few more cucumbers. 4 this week, and some chard as well.
Broccoli side shoots, snap peas, and snow peas, a few english peas, loads of lettuce and spinach that wanted to bolt, a few onions, a whole colander of mulberries and yes even the sour cream was in my harvest this week, though not from the garden. It was a trade. :-) Freezer Jam for sour cream.

Oh bother. Work has been one massive distraction after another lately. I mean that is what it is after all, but I don't like when work interferes with my personal life on my personal time. Of course right now my personal time (lunch break) is on work time - but this is legit personal time after all. Between the Captain of the Port and the general Coast Guard visits things are really heating up down here getting ready for the AUGUST National Republican Convention. It's hard to believe that preparations are already underway, but they are. I must return back to the desk now. Sorry it took so long to post. I hope you are all having a wonderful day. It's beautiful outside!

'Till next time!



  1. Again I'm very jealous of your harvest! All we had were some salad greens for the week. I wish we could grow blue berries. I love them but it is nearly impossible to grow them in Utah. The soil here is to alkaline and there is no practical way to bring the soil PH down enough to get them to grow! :(

  2. I got rid of my blueberry plants, decided it was not worth the fight with the birds they won. They do get my strawberries but the strawberries are easier to protect.

  3. I'm thinking of growing blueberries in large tubs to overcome my alkaline soil. I'm thinking if I start them off in a peat based potting soil and compost maybe it would work out. What a great harvest you've got there!

  4. Those of us in more northern locales can only observe your varied bounty with real envy. What a great harvest of items I would not see until at least late June - never in March!

    Work has been all consuming for me the past several weeks as well. Feel it more when the weather is fine and I am stuck inside putting in more hours.

  5. beautiful, amazing harvest! I want to grow blueberries at some point, the plants are beautiful!

  6. What a perfect blueberry. I bought a plant the other day and I hope I get a berry as perfect as yours.

  7. Gorgeous harvests. I can't wait for fruit season here. I so want strawberries. I think blueberries are a while away though. And I wonder how long gooseberries take to produce for the first time. I guess I'll have to look it up.