Monday, March 12, 2012

Harvest Monday 3.12.12

It's Harvest Monday. *Yawn* and I'm an hour late. Imagine that. That darn clock may have sprung, but my mind didn't. :-/
Funny thing is that up until Friday I had been waking up long before my alarm went off. But now that I need to be waking up that early I am not. Go figure.
Linking into Daphne's Dandelions for the party at her place. She's such a great host- even when she's not around she still put on a great show for us! Thanks Daphne!

This weeks harvest were not very varied but abundant none the less. More so than I thought they would be. The snow peas tapered off for the heat a bit -but are blooming again so we'll see if I can get one more run of them before I have to turn them under for the season until fall. but here are the pictures! :-) I do like to show them off when I can.

Check out the size of this non bulbed onion my cell phone is in the corner there - *ZOINKS!* I can't wait to see how big they get when they actually get some bulk on!
Last but not least I went out Sunday morning for a few strawberries to go on top of our blueberry pecan pancakes and ended up shirtvesting. My FAVORITE thing to do. You SO know what I'm talking about. You go out to pick just a thing or two to finish a recipe or top off that final ingredient and end up with this...

And of course that ended up turning into....
and that is my favorite thing ever. Not because it's just so much and all -but because it's unexpected.
I thought I was just bopping out for a handful of berries and came back with almost a pound of peas, and ate a bunch, too. :-D Love that. Plus of course I got to play a little while I was out there in the sunshine.

So that's it. Harvest Monday. I'm exhausted it was a long weekend. I'll have a lot more posts this week. Plenty to talk about. Gardening, Kiddos...but right now work is calling.

'Till next time!



  1. Great harvest. I'm jealous of your strawberries. We are still at least 3 months away from our first strawberries so we are still settling for the freezer version!!

  2. Shirtvesting! I haven't heard the term, but I have harvested that way. I love that, too. It makes me feel like such a gardener. (Sometimes I feel like I only pretend.:) )

  3. Love your term "shirtvesting", adding this word to my vocabulary. Perfect looking strawberries and lovely harvest.

  4. What a great harvest, berries and peas, yum yum!

  5. Yum.. plump peas and juicy strawberries.. looks like you had a good week!

  6. I have done "shirtvesting" often but never knew it had a name until now. :D

    Love the peas and strawberries - they look so yummy. What variety of onion is that?

  7. I too love the term shirtvesting - I have practised it on many occasions but never called it anything - great word. Your strawberries look lovely, mine as filled with slaters and slugs at the moment - neglect is the only word for it.