Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My 'taters.

So after doing some more research I found out that (these) potatoes don't do well after the soil warms over 80 degrees. Maybe I should clarify that. They don't form tubers well. Small, misshapen, or perhaps, low quantity of tubers.

After checking with FAWN (Florida Automated Weather Network) it appears that for this general region that time is oh, right at 65 days form the time I planted my seed taters. I was planning on planting more this weekend. Bummer. I guess I'll take a look and see if what I've got left is worth offering as a giveaway. I know it's not much, but if I can't use them I may as well make someone else happy!

Now I know that sweet potatoes do just fine in our sweltering hot sand so I will be looking for a great variety that can fend off all our pesky pests. Preferably something a little more determinate than rambling as I am still very limited on space even after the construction of the fence planter. While it's easy to remember now during blueberry season why I planted the ends in permanent planters for the berries, it isn't always so easy when I'm looking at the diagrams to find space for hogs like these to spread, and peanuts, and.... Oh yes I must reign in the Spring fever a little. I haven't even figured out my green beans yet. I need to get the new soil a good start with legumes and beans, so the first season on that side will be mainly that - and a LOT of marigolds. I've found the nematodes are a little too happy there yet.

Did I mention that hubby wants me to get a tiller? Such a cute and sweet thing to say to me. It makes me think he just wants some brownie points. I can't imagine trying to contain a tiller in such a narrow bed! Do they make micro tillers? LOL. That would serve him right for suggesting it. I told him I just needed a couple hens to take care of that problem - but that went over like a lead balloon. He seems to think the HOA president might REALLY start picking on us then. But, has that stopped me yet?
Peaches are blooming, . After all - they're not on 'the list' :-)
Actually they are setting. Little fruits are pushing out of the blooms while more blossoms open. It's the first time the blossoms haven't all come at once. But, nary a pip on the plum or persimmon yet. Still waiting for them and for the grape to break dormancy. Everything else is alive and well here. As am I.

I had a chance to escape the tirade here. It meant 15 minute commutes to work instead of an hour and a half each way. But, it also meant giving up everything I've already put into this home. It meant not only starting over, but giving up. I can't do that. Maybe in a few years, when the market turns and I can do it fairly but not like a coward. Why should I, because I can? To ruin my credit like so many millions of other Americans - because they did? Nah, no thanks. I'm tougher than that. I'll stick it out and complain here. I'll pretend that it makes a difference - at least it makes me feel better. I'm so glad you here blog.

'Till next time!



  1. Have you grown peanuts here? I'm interested in finding out more about growing them in Central FL.

  2. Oh, Yes! I LOVE growing them. They love the summer heat and I love to EAT them! I started growing them as a teen and never stopped. You can even buy the raw ones at the grocery and get a pretty darn good crop. It's quite impressive. Not bothered much by bugs, or water, or heat... PERFECT for us. :-D I grew a couple pounds in a 4'x4' bed this summer. Hoping to double to 8' and make my own peanut butter this year. I want to try to freeze 1/2 of it and see what happens.

  3. Great to hear. Thanks!