Monday, March 5, 2012

Harvest Monday 3.5.12

Ah- March. Spring has sprung. Of course as the old adage goes Spring has DEFINITELY come in like a lion. Yesterday I had to fish my greenhouse out of the pool. It was not a pretty sight. It took a long time, and my hands were icicles by the end of it all. The greenhouse suffered for it. There are a few holes in the visqueen cover and some of the connectors are broken, but nothing that will keep me from using it again next year. I think after it dries out I'm going to break it down and store it away for next year.

The storm that put it in my pool came through with 50-60 mile an hour winds and other than knocking a few pots over and sending some seedlings for a ride it didn't bring much damage with it. Thankfully.

After the storm I found these few gems waiting for me:
Yup. The first tomatoes of the season were knocked free from the vine- but they were nearly ready anyway so no harm no foul. More snow peas and a good handful of shelling peas to boot!
I spent the rest of the VERY WINDY day inside doing this....
I made strawberry jam. I just love this stuff. I can't get enough really. It's like apple butter. I find myself making excuses to use it. Finding things to eat it on. I get the feeling I'll find every ounce of it and every ounce of the food I'm putting it on placed evenly across my scale later this week. HUMPH> Worth it though. It's so fresh and lovely tasting. I just can't help myself!
As for the rest of the week? Here are the harvests!

A cell phone shot of the berries and snow peas I brought in for the kids to snack on while I made dinner one night.
 This was the grand haul here... this turned into 4 gallon bags of lettuce, a gallon of spinach,  a quart of cilantro and a colander of assorted other veggies. That was a fun night. We had to hurry to get everything in before dark!
Here is another pound of snow peas blanched and ready for the freezer before I can seal them.

Final tally for this week - of what got weighed prior to eating.... Carrots 13oz, Lettuce 1lb 10oz, Cilantro 3oz,  Strawberry 8oz, Snow Peas 1lb 15oz, Garden Peas 5.5oz

Linking in to Daphne's Dandelions - don't forget to check her out and see what others are harvesting and how they are using those harvest. People sign in from all over the world! Thanks for being such a great host Daphne!

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  1. Oh dear! I really don't like the sound of fishing a greenhouse out of a freezing swimming pool! At Bondi beach (here in Sydney) we have a winter swimming club called Bondi Icebergs where they swim right through winter and think they are really tough. I think they are crazy!

    Lovely harvest this week - I should really plant some snow peas!

  2. That is quite a harvest, so much snow peas, lettuce and spinach plus all the other goodies, I am jealous.

  3. Yummy peas; I've just had a little taster so far, but there will probably be more to pick tomorrow. ohhh strawberries! I'll probably only have a few this year, but maybe next year there will be more than enough...

  4. That is interesting - I can never get coriander (cilantro) and tomatoes to grow at the same time. What is your secret?

  5. What a great harvest! I can't wait for some fresh peas!! Until then, I will just look at yours :)

  6. Great harvest this week! The volume of your evening pick is impressive and the variety of the overall harvests is really good. Sorry you had to go greenhouse fishing in icy waters. Thankfully it was not irreversibly damaged in the processed.

  7. 500m2 - people say all the time we could swim year round- I think they are NUTS you couldn't pay me!

    Norma- Thanks. I'll be jeanlous in just a few weeks when my peas all wither from the heat. *sigh* Not long before we get too hot now.

    Mary- I hope your strawberries divide well this year, I bet you'll have plenty next year.

    Liz- I kept the tomato plant inside for the winter. It didn't grow- but at least it made a couple tomatoes early. :-)

    Robin - Thanks - the peas will run out soon and I"ll be looking at YOURS!

    KFG- TY - I am just so glad I didn't have to get IN the pool. I came close a few times! BRRRRRR....