Thursday, February 2, 2012

From PIRATES! To Princesses!

This weekend was not only Pirates, but Princesses as well. I told you we were busy. I certainly wasn't lying! Friday night was Homecoming. Yes, Homecoming. Our school is tiny. Only 1 class for each grade and we do not have a football team - we have basketball. So the Homecoming processional is done centering around basketball season rather than football and that means winter instead of fall.

I gotta tell you though - a court processional is a WHOLE lot easier than a field processional. :-)

'Our school' is a homeschooling extension program - What? You've heard this mumbo jumbo before? It's church based... you know that, too. The teachers are great. yeah yeah yeah OK so get on with it you say? FINE. The WHOLE school gets involved with Homecoming. NOT just the High School. It's K-12.

One of my littles got voted onto the court....
 AWWWWW... (SAY IT! You know you want to!)
How stinking CUTE is this?
A homecoming princess at this age? O.M.G. I'm so eating this up... and her twin....

Wouldn't let me take a picture because she was too busy being a stinker. She was only slightly jealous she didn't get to do it, too. Moreover she was jealous that she didn't get a flower. So when Annah's rose fell plum off the stem it tickled her to no end. Sisters unite! LOL.

*Sigh* Well, I suppose sibling rivalry comes in all shapes and sizes.
Theirs is red and rose shaped.
At least I thought enough to get them matching dresses so that neither were left out that way.

It's been busy here at home and work is keeping me super busy, too. But even more so we are looking at a new school for them next year. I'm ready, but SO NOT ready at the same time. I want them to stay in this school but its so far out of the way and so hard on us financially as well. We have big decisions coming soon. Lots of schools to consider and plenty of options to weigh. This year could be a big turning point for us, and for the kids future. We might be able to get 2 of the 3 funding all the way through college - Oh what a dream it would be. It will be a hard road for the next year though, and losing this school will be so emotional for all of us. Choices.

 'Till next time!


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  1. Awww, stinking adorable! Tell sister she's just as pretty as a princess, and that counts for a lot ;-)